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Hard Work Pays Off in Sketching Success

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

After the sunny skies last week, it was hard to pull ourselves together inside to sketch, but these troupers did it! Erik, Sharon, Daisey Schrock, Marsha, & Jane behind the camera.

      Daisey started us off with a Stephan King quote: “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”  Erik’s sketch is apropos!

     Daisey took the advice to heart, too, and quickly built her sketch.

       After sketching the potted tree outside, Jane tried doing a contour drawing using the negative space around a chair. 3rd sketch wins!

        Marsha sketched the whole seating arrangement outside, and look  at those chairs! They’re deceptively hard to do!

       It was so good to have Sharon back with us, and to watch her light hand with watercolor as the scene evolved in front of us.

    Helga joined us near the end, but was able to get a hanging basket sketched and begin on the tricky angles of the fencing. Whew.


A Rose Might as well be in a Garden

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

   We were all scattered around the garden today, enjoying roses in full bloom – here are Jean & Marsha; Bev & Satoko.

     Barb So and Penny got into doing sketching right away.

Penny, Tricia, Ken, & Barb Sh – was it hard to decide what to draw?

    Jean was working with water soluble colored pencils. Marsha had her father’s Prisma pencils, which her sister encouraged her to use.

     Barb So started with a light pencil sketch, then added watercolor.

   Penny is pleased with her sketch of the gazebo, & started a colored pencil sketch of a tall spired yellow flower (who knows what it is?).

  Jane was so exhausted by doing the gazebo contour sketch, that she couldn’t finish it, so sketched some nearby roses instead.

      Bev claimed she wasn’t having a good drawing day – but many of us wish we could do such a not good drawing! This is delightful!

    Ken shared his new business cards with us – 15 different images, mostly from his sketches. Then Satoko was back to her watercolor.

     Barb Sh really got into negative space for the white calla lilies!

   Tricia shared her sketch from Crooked River – done in watercolor first, then ink lines on top. Next she drew all the rose arches here:


      Meanwhile, Ken was having a great time doing the gazebo sketch with his brush pen. What a wonderful stylized version!

Trading Sketch Ideas at Tradewinds

Tradewinds @ Jiffy, Eugene, OR

    At our newest favorite place! Jan, Barb So, Erik, Ken (at the counter), Satoko, Judith, Danita, Barb Sh, Marsha, Helga; Jane, Ken, Erik, Satoko, & the top of Judith’s head.

       Barb So and Helga got right down to sketching.

       Jan demonstrates her secret technique to laying down lines with Tombo markers, a little nudge with a wet finger tip, and there it is!

   Barb Sh finished her Medieval Faire page started in Todi (note her dog making a cameo), and shared her journal evolution style with Danita and Marsha McCloskey (Ken’s friend, new to the group).

        Marsha enjoyed chatting with Ken (while Barb Sh chatted with Erik), took some notes, and even got some sketches done! Welcome.

        Danita showed us her sketch from Iris Vineyards, we were fascinated by her colored pencil case, & enjoyed her latest sketch.

    Erik moved quickly from concept, laying down color, & completion!

    Jan commandeered the camera and caught Jane sketching her carrot cake muffin, and then the peony bud & vase she’d brought.

     Satoko sketched the muffin, too, and Judith drew both the peony and Jane beyond the vase – can you see her?

   Ken challenged Barb Sh to sketch his Mediterranean plate, which she took on immediately.

   Penelope showed up, and after chatting with Satoko & Judith, she and Ken challenged each other to a sketch-off! Subject? Each other.

        Here’s how Ken’s sketch of Penelope evolved.

     And here’s how Penelope’s sketch of Ken evolved – see top of second page, which quickly became peopled with more people!

People or Trees? Trees or People?

Tradewinds @ Jiffy, Eugene, OR

   We love the new venue at what used to be Jiffy Market – Tradewinds, specializing in Greek food (& pastry). We specialize in sketching! Shown are Penelope, Barb So, Lealan, Bev, Satoko, Ken, Nancy D, and Erik (with Jane behind the camera).

It started off with Barb Sh showing us her comic strip approach.

        Then Penelope showed us her handmade accordion book, just right to record a short adventure trip. Ken got a kick out of the fold out.

Penelope soon got busy sketching people around her with a pencil which has multi-colors of lead – isn’t that a surprising effect!

        Nancy (a Portlander) went on the 2016 sketch trip to Italy with Ken – fun to catch up with her, and have her back sketching with us, too.

     The Barbs get sketching people, and Barb Sh even includes a tree.

    What have you been drawing, Lealan? Ah, shucks, it’s Jane!

      What’s Jane been drawing? Customers across the room (using a water soluble ink pen & water brush), and a tree across the street.

    Erik also takes advantage of the nearby models – oh! That’s US!

   Bev does the same, catching Penelope & Jane busy sketching.

   Satoko and Ken are so intently looking while they sketch – he, a tree.

   It’s a three minute sketch, Satoko says! Or was that 1 minute…it’s pretty impressive, however you time a quick sketch!

Jolly Time at Jiffy

Jiffy, Eugene, Oregon

    Looked who showed up at the new venue! Hugh, Ken, Tricia, Barb Sh, & Erik, then Penny, Hugh, & Ken (deja vu all over again).

   But who’s that beyond Erik? Danita Reynolds, new to our group, having fun, too. Glad you found us.

    While it is true that we talk and laugh a lot, we do sketch, too!

Sketch, Ken, sketch! (admiringly witnessed by Tricia, Barb Sh, & Erik)

   Sandy (mostly having been behind the camera), Hugh, & Ken. And here’s a sample of what Sandy’s been doing in her black paper book.

Look what the sun brought out!

New Day Bakery (in their lovely redesigned courtyard), Eugene, OR

    And they just kept coming! Jean, Erik, Hugh, Ken, Sandy, Barb Sh at first, then from the other end are Barb Sh, Tricia, Penelope, Sandy, Lealan, Jean, Erik, Hugh, Jan, Ken, & Satoko (Jane behind camera).

      Barb Sh needed a hat in all this sun, so she sketched Erik in his! Oh, that water soluble ink – love the effect of it!

       Erik & Sandy appreciated having their hats – can you tell what this is, Erik says….oh, a seagull! Of course.

        Sandy experimented with woodless colored pencils on black paper – it was dramatic, but she didn’t care for the light paper weight.

       Jean came prepared for the bright sun, and tried a simpler focus than the garden she did last time – with water brush exploration, too.

      Hugh was undaunted by the garden, however – see how fast it “grew” in his sketchbook, clear across two pages!

      Jane tried to capture a customer waiting for delivery of her order at  a nearby table. A friend asked, will you sell that to the cafe? Uh, no.

     Tricia chats a bit with Sandy, then tackles a loose approach to flowers in the courtyard, a different style than she usually does.

      Ken enjoyed deepening the colors for the iris in the garden, but then he also enjoyed recapping his presentation of Erik’s art show for Jan.

      “This is the last piece of art I did,” said Jan, who has been busy with distracting tasks. Then she went about testing her marker viability.

       Lealan and Satoko have both been out of town for awhile, but quickly got back into the spirit of sketching. Welcome back!

        Penelope was about to leave town to meet her new grandbaby, but stopped by to share her sketchbook & online course idea provoker.

Photos, Food, Flowers, Fellows – Fun!

New Day Bakery, Eugene, OR

       Jane and Sandy take turns trying to get the whole gang in the photo.

We enjoyed being outside on the patio – Jean, Ken, Barb Sh, Hugh, Bev, Penny, Barb So, Heather, Sandy, & Erik.

        What’s Barb Sh showing Ken? One of her marvelous folding 3D visual collages taken from photos she took!

      Hugh’s photo was a little more mundane – a dryer hooked up in an alley – now there’s a surprise! Ah, the eye of the artist.

      Penny’s on a bird blitz – look how this one is going from a simple sketch to layers of color. Check back to see this one finished.

                  Barb So picked an ever popular subject – food!

     Ah shucks, Sandy just had to do it, too. (Notice the empty plate.)

      Heather took a break from the Whitaker Printmakers, and joined us to sketch with charcoal – what? A vanilla cheesecake! YUM>

   Erik invited his friend Jean to join us. She worked on flowers, he on the view across the courtyard (yes, that’s Heather!).

       Jean slowly builds up depth in her sketch with colored pencils.

    Ken explains his multi-media approach to Jean, much to Erik’s approval – whatever works! Pencil, marker, pens, watercolor…

   Bev had her eye on the fellows for models – first the guy on his computer, then gestural studies of the workers laying pavers. Wow.

    Jane and Ken captured the workers, too, and decided we definitely have to come back to admire their finished work. Great patio!



Do You All Draw the Same Thing?

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

Does this look like a group who does everything the same? No. Lealan, Hugh, Sandy, Phyllis, Penelope, Ken, Jane, Tricia, Barb Sh.

         “I’m not late, am I?” Barb A. brought down the house.

       Jane brought copies of some artwork by French artist Marie Stricher who used watercolor wash swashes of color before she sketched.

   Here’s Jane’s previous attempt to use color wash blocks, all in tidy frames. Ken had some air brushed colored spots which he uses.

Tricia tries Marie’s color wash swashes, and discovers that it’s  a lot of fun to play with. Lealan admits she just plain loves color!

        Penelope shares her work from a recent class on using cross-hatching. Ken showed her how to connect images with it . Ta dah!

    Meanwhile, Hugh is busy with opposite effects – trees in black ink on white paper, white ink on black paper. (Hope I don’t have to choose!)

     Sandy & Helga are doing a still-life sketch – of Sandy’s gloves!

    Nice renditions, gals! Sandy adds some color to hers to tempt Helga.

    Lealan takes on Bev’s usual subject – portrait sketches.  Anyone at the table is fair game for modeling purposes! Smile!

      Barb Sh starts adding a complimentary image to a previous sketch – a portrait with an elaborate headdress now! What a clever mind.

      And of course there is the ever popular botanical sketch – here done by Barb So, Jane, and Barb A just getting started with hers.

      Ken finds another spray of color in his sketchbook, and joins in with a flower sketch, too, with ink, watercolor, and colored pencil.

Drawing Dianthus & Other Delights

Friendly St. Market, Eugene,OR

      We enjoy sketching on the covered patio here. Around the tables: Erik, Barb So, Betsy, Barb Sh, Sandy; Barb Sh, Sandy, Tricia, Betsy, Bev, and Erik. And even more, as you will see!

        Barb A has such a nice loose approach to watercolor sketching, and the pots of dianthus on the tables are just the right subject matter.

    Jane, on the other hand, always starts with an ink drawing, then adds watercolor (& she likes doing selective close-ups).

    Erik has his own images in the file in his mind, and cracks the group up with his wit. It’s such a pleasure to have him with us.

     Barb Sh is off in another world, fascinated by an ancient arch.

  But back to the dianthus – Barb So with a delicate watercolor, and Sandy with an pen & ink version.

     Bev was intrigued by the dianthus, too, & plans to add some narrative words at the top of her finished sketch page.

     Helga is enjoying the definition she’s getting in her pencil sketches. Maybe she’ll try ink sometime in the future, she says.

        Tricia enjoys not only doing loose watercolor, but also incorporating her observations in her sketch – including the carrot soup she had!

      Phyllis lives in the neighborhood, so stopped by for breakfast and a quick sketch (of the dianthus, of course – see next week for it).

Penelope asked if someone had taking Jane’s photo for the blog, and so Jane & Penelope posed with sketches from their sketchbooks.

      Then Penelope succumbed to the lure of the dianthus, too!

Hanging Out At Hideaway

Hideaway Bakery, Eugene, OR

And here we (mostly) all are, taking advantage of the cozy inside room. From the left, Penny, Hugh, Sandy, Barb Sh, Lealan, and across the room near the fireplace are Ken, Erik, & Bev.

      Hugh, Mr. Diligent, tackles a reverse color outline, and still manages to get the color of the sunset glowing on the paper!

      Sandy, sitting across from Lealan, begins a series of portraits.

      Lealan showed us her finished sketch from 5th St. Market, a woods scene, and then went on to sketch Hugh & Sandy across from her!

        Penny was aghast at water soluble ink all over her hand & blobbing the page. But look at how she (& the sketch) recovered. Nicely done.

     Barb Sh. typically begins her sketches with water soluble ink, & uses it throughout the sketch – look how Pegasus emerges!

   Buddies Erik & Ken frequently sketch together, but what’s that Ken is using to fill out tree foliage? A multi-colored pencil! Wow.

     Looks like Erik has taken up abstract art…no…wait a minute! That’s the  Rocca (fortress) in Assisi from Ken’s postcard beside him!

    Jane got caught up in sketching the end of the room, then tried her hand at a portrait of Helga sitting across from her. Oh well.

              Helga explained how she was trying to refine her perspective, sketching the beams in the room, & Hugh amused Penny with his sketch from the view  inside of a plane.

     Bev got exasperated when her portrait model had the gall to leave, so she resorted to sketching herself in reflected in the mirror.

       Barb A and Sandy bookmark the mirror view. Barb says she came to see the book of memories about Anne, our dear sketch friend,  that Jane put together (shown on the table with Erik, Ken, & Bev).