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Looking Out at 5th St. Market

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

    We’d hoped to be outside, but the weather is being erratic, so we’re back at out favorite window inside 5th St. Market.

    Barb So took a photo of one of the outside planters to help her get details straight. It’s nice to have that as an assist.

      Bev captured two scenes our the windows, and then brought colors over from one page to the other so that they were integrated.

    Daisy succumbed to the giant croissant au chocolate, but had the wisdom to cut it in half and get busy sketching it! Good choice.

      Danita’s sketch demonstrates  developmental steps, going from pencil to watercolor, to ink, and paying attention to contrasts.

      Helga was sketching from a photo, and did a great job of getting depth with darks and lights. Where’d that roofline come from???

     Jane was feeling rattled by a phone call, but sketching what was in front of her without overthinking it brought her out of the dumps.

       Ken came later in the morning and sure made up for lost time!

        Fun to see Laura’s sketch burst into full color – she said she had some helpful advice from Daisy in getting the colors to pop. It worked!

      It’s always so interesting to see Lona build her sketches – pencil sketch lines, then loose watercolors bring it to life. (Love that pot!)

       And Marsha is becoming the queen of the colored pencils! She keeps  a light hand and a sharp point, bringing in colors that make it sing.

Sketching at Tradewinds.

Tradewinds at Jiffy, Eugene, OR

It’s a bit hard to see through the plexiglass, but here we all are.


        Penny and Patti were sketching the huge tree across the street.

        Here’s Jane’s version of the tree, then a necklace sketch.

            Bev was trying out watercolor pencils, and got trees in, too.

    Erik got started on trees and shrubs, and Ken got busy on Erik!

     Barb Sh continued to build on a prior sketch page to include…wow!

       Here’s Marnie’s sketch of Marsha’s foot, Marsha’s finished sketch of the cemetery from last week, and Daisy’s sketch of teapot & cup.

        Katie’s sketch summed up our experience at Tradewinds – yummy.

And meanwhile, here’s what we received from the Larkins!

Bringing the Outside In

Tradewinds Cafe @ Jiffy, Eugene, OR

Earlier it seemed like such an apt decision to go to Hendrick’s Park to see the rhododendrons in bloom on May Day, but the reality of the chilly day sent us to a more protected setting!

   We do like the “outdoor” seating at Tradewinds, and quickly took over the place and got to sketching (along with coffee & treats).

    And look who’s here! Helga & Tutti (Jane’s dog) really hit it off, and Tutti was agreeable to posing. (Dogs are allowed not tied to tables.)

      Tutti helped Ken focus…way to go on that tree!

      Here’s Jane’s sketch of Tutti, and then of Ken’s coffee & treat.

     Sandy did a sketch of Ken, then tried a different white pen to get a stronger line on the black paper. It’s always an experiment!

        Helga was at the next table, bringing the outside in, thanks to her phone photos. She used ink and brought in colored pencils, too.

      Bev, next to her, was using a circle template, puzzled about group perspective, and got a kick out of comparing Tutti sketches.

       Marsha was doing a sketch from her photos of the historic cemetery behind Hope Abbey – we want to plan a sketch outing there for all.

And what were Erik & Hugh busing doing?

       Ah, see the photo of the old house in Hugh’s lap above – well done.

      Erick didn’t need to be in Hendrick’s Park to do a blooming scene!

      Barb So had a sketch of one of us from last week, then tackled the compliant Tutti for a charming sketch of him, too.

       Daisy was adding to her sketchbook, drawing in her lap under the table, and getting the tree across the street to come right on over!

         Lona launched right in on her painting of rhododendrons, bringing that garden item to life amid the sketchers. So loose & wonderful.

       Meanwhile, Barb Sh was sketching Lona’s feet, and what else? Well, Tutti, of course! And she does dogs so very well.

“Gallery” walk tops sketch outing

Café Yumm, 18th & Willamette, Eugene, OR

      Here we (mostly, except for late comers) are, all lined up in the Café Yumm inner courtyard. What a great place for our expansive group!

       First we got a report about Tomomi’s children’s recital, along with sketches made by Barb Sh and Marsha. They said it was delightful.

      At the end of the table, Sandy was deeply engrossed in sketching the mandarin oranges she placed in her hat – more dark! That works.

       Tulips were a recurring theme today – these by Barb So, and then she tried her hand at Sandy’s still life, too. Just a little dark really helps.

      Here are Hugh’s takes on tulips, too. The one on black pops!

      Marsha brought her sketch of tulips on black, then used a variety of colored pencils to do a people sketch – what fun results.

      Katie had done a tulip sketch earlier, and used the time to put some watercolor on it. Looks like this is a place we’d like to go sometime.

       Bev did the traditional sketcher’s approach of “sketch what’s in front of you!” These are scenes in the nearby shop windows. Interesting!

      Lealan picked the most complicated items in the show room window to sketch. Look how she builds the picture, and it’s not done yet.

        Helga was looking the other way out the windows – nice framework!

      Ken zeroed in on a nearby decorative tree, and look how he kept on going, and how the dark negative space made those leaves emerge.

      Pat found a hanging plant to sketch, then sneaked in a couple of people sketches, too! Way to go! Pat’s really fitting right in.

      Jane was looking across the room to the service area – one of her least simple sketches, but once she got started she couldn’t stop.

      Even latecomers got something done – Marnie started the tree, Erik an image in his head, and Daisy tested watercolor pencils on fabric!

Needless to say, our “gallery” walk around to see what others had done was fascinating and a great success. We’ll do this again!

Anything that Holds Still is Fair Sketching!

Apr. 17, 2018 – Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Eugene, OR

    Most of us took over a whole section of the cafe – ah, coffee!

    But here’s Barb So tucked away in the Children’s Section – cute!

      And Laura was on the main floor focusing on the display across from her. She moved somethings in the sketch to get the essence of it.

      Back in the cafe Barb Sh shared her finished work from weeks past, then set out to sketch a bookstore patron nearby.

        Here’s a look at Erik’s sketching from the mind, a layering process from pencil sketch to top layer. Check back for the finished work!

      Ken had a great view of Sharon who was sketching in the corner across from him. Lovely sketch!

      Jane was grateful for Ken’s “permission” to sketch people in pencil (she avoids noses), and Sandy permitted a photo of her sketching.

      Hugh was back in a dark corner, but he made the best of it, sketching from his travel photos. This is going to be quite dynamic.

       Katie was busy sending photos to Jane of Friday sketching, so just got a single quick sketch done, while next to her Lona was capturing the cover of a charming book for a gift.

      Bev did a sketch of a couple of sketchers, then got interested in the shells that Daisy brought, turning them into interesting designs.

      Daisy, however, was interested in doing an exact to size replication of her shells – now there’s a challenge! Well done, Daisy.

      Marsha had a great (role) model across from her with a great hat, then went back to a flower sketch in colored pencil, her forte.

      What on earth is Marnie sketching? Oh my gosh, she found another curving lighting installation (shades of Riverbend cafeteria). Wow!

          Helga started sketching what she thought would be a simple chair (there ARE no simple chairs!), then added cafe context – nice!

        Satoko was looking at sketches by Barb Sh (influenced by the  Peer Gynt ballet); Satoko sketched nearby people, and above them a graphic sketch of the stage set which had her paintings projected.

     Lealan started her people sketch with her usually light blue marker outline, then began adding vivid colors to the scene. Zowie.

     And Sharon, having finished her person sketch, resorted to the tried and true “sketch what’s in front of you” – cups on the table!

Bookstore Sketching

Barnes & Noble, Eugene, OR

Most of us took a seat in the cafe at the bookstore and drew what we saw around us. And in alphabetical order (seems fitting)…

          Barbara Sh caught us up with her completed page started last week, then on to  some of the crowd here, licking her brush to do shading!

     Barb So showed us her completed page from last week, too (so charming!), and did some people sketches of those near her.

      Bev bemoaned starting a sketch upside down in her book, but used it to her advantage (click the middle), then on to a lovely flower sketch.

     Daisy sketched her Danish, then went over to the children’s section to arrange a still life to draw. (Ken said, that’s what I’m doing next!)

    Erik said he was drawing out of his mind. (No editorial comment.)

      Hugh really used the neo-color crayons to great effect on the black paper – those books just jump off the shelves!

      Jane started sketching the woman across from her who was totally absorbed in her work, then ended with a sketch of fern fronds.

      Laura started with a person sketch, too, then borrowed a photo from Marsha of a trillium – nicely rendered!

      Lona outdid us all – she chose the colorful cover of a romance book and did a splashy rendition all in suitable fervor!

      Marsha began a sketch of Lona, paused to show the difference of colored pencil on black and then white paper, and finished Lona’s.

      Pat started with an ink sketch, did one of the cafe counter and added some color which moved her back to her original sketch, too. Nice.

      Sandy sketched a fellow at a nearby table, and Lona across the room, and managed to talk to Lealan who never did put pen to paper!


Architectural Sketching Challenges

Whole Foods, Eugene, OR

      There was lots to see from the Community Room at Whole Foods.

       Penny and Joanne were busy drawing the interesting houses across the street. Here’s Penny’s sketch.

      Joanne added the trees to her house sketch, and Doug took on the incredible challenge of the curving lines in the US Courthouse.

            Marnie’s attention was captured by the traffic below – and doesn’t color always make a difference!

What’s Ken up to, inquiring minds want to know!

    Oh, the view from the top of the stairs! What a clever sketcher!

         Penny and Barb So talked about traveling to Paris, then exchanged ideas with Sandy. Here’s Barb So’s sketch of the house next door.

      Hugh used the window as a frame for his sketch, indoors & out.

      Jane first focused on the building across the way (which was WAY too complicated), then on the message of the billboard. Good idea.

      Laura, looking out the same window as Hugh & Jane, drew trees instead of getting caught up with the complicated building. Nice!

       Tomomi was back with her children for art exploration (& modeling).

    The payoff they got for modeling for Barb Sh was a look at the mandalas she was making with crows and frogs. What Fun!

      Lealan demonstrated her technique of sketching in light blue first, then adding colored markers for a lively portrait sketch.


Surprises Sketching at RiverBend

RiverBend Cafeteria, Springfield, OR

      We had some nice surprises at this week’s gathering – Barb Sh’s sister and brother-in-law from Albuquerque joined us!

     And then Satoko came in to share her watercolors from her recent trip to Portugal.

          Hugh and Sandy bought a sketch from Erik (yay!), and meanwhile here’s what Daisy was busy sketching.

       Sandy showed her sketchbook from Death Valley. Quite a contrast to today’s sketch of Oregon greenery!

      Hugh quickly did a line drawing of someone in the room, then put in Crayon d’Ache colors with a light water wash.

      Barb Sh had an update on the sketch she did last week, as well as one she just started, then did a view out the window & lights above.

        Joanne was mesmerized by the path outside, and by the time she was finished even had some reflective text to go with it – nice!

      Doug did a people sketch, then turned to the path & lanterns outside, too. Such fun to have a La Romita sketcher with us.

      Bev did a cluster of people at a nearby table, then the outside lanterns, and back to a cluster of people. She’s so prolific

        Pat tackled the winding dropped ceiling with lamps, quick decided she was doing it starting at the wrong end, and look at the results!


Jane started with an outside lantern, and continued to add some of the inside lights.  They probably deserve color, Jane…

So Much to Sketch at RiverBend!

PeaceHealth Medical Center, RiverBend, Springfield, OR

Most of us sketched in the lobby today – so many things to choose!

        The wooden carving on the rock fireplace caught Katie’s eye, then she went on to sketch daffodils on her pre-prepared pages.

        Many of us were fascinated with the sculpture at the entrance of the lobby, called “Day of Days.” It even rocks!

         First Jane’s sketch, then Marsha’s. We all agreed it was so difficult!

       Penny saw it from a slightly different angle – oh! that’s a parrot on her arm! And a beehive on her head!

     Bev sketched it from across the room (!), then did a people sketch.

     Meanwhile at the table…   Here’s Erik’s sunset sketch from memory.

        Barb Sh showed her finished sketch started last time, then…what… Oh! It’s the lady at the grand piano beyond their table!

   Ken took his time to get started, then chose the hanging lamp structures – WOW!

       Laura and her friend were sketching upstairs in the cafeteria. Laura didn’t think much of her lamp, but she really liked her darling damsel flies! Looks like a story is brewing here…

Finding Peace at PeaceHealth

PeaceHealth Medical Center at RiverBend, Springfield, OR

It was a rainy day, but the cafeteria at RiverBend was very hospitable! We really enjoyed the time there.

     There were 10 of us there, but two were outside. Lovely views.

      Here’s the view of the group from Laura’s perspective, and the beginning of her sketch – aghhhhh! perspective is such a challenge!

      Ken was sketching the trees beyond Barb Sh & Erik. Is it done? No, add more dark, more detail, more contrast…more…

      Bev had another “pre-prepared” page to share, then took on the winding path, too, which improved with the addition of trees.

     Here’s Lealan’s beginning sketch of the view in her signature style.

        Meanwhile, Jane was looking up…talk about perspective challenge!

     Barb Sh shared her “spicy” sketch of the cooks at LCC from last week, then began a sketch of one of the nearby “models” here.

         Marnie had a sketch of her art bag done at home, then got very involved in her portrait sketch of a person in context today.

      We always learn so much from each other – here’s Marsha’s colored pencil project, then colored pencil on black inspired by an artist’s work of the Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson house. And then she started a portrait of a nearby model, too.