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Market of Choice, Tricia’s Christmas Windows & Zoom #102

The Top Drawers chose the Market of Choice for the Tuesday meet up. A good turnout just after Thanksgiving .

Tricia’s Christmas Windows

Although you haven’t seen me at the sketching meetups for awhile, my daughter and I have been busy painting snowy winter scenes all around the area. So I’m sending a few images for you to hopefully share in the next post……. Tricia

Zoom #102

Maude Kerns & Zoom #101

This week, the intrepid Top Drawers gathered at Maude Kerns for Tuesday sketching. The current exhibit was wonderful. So much local talent! Daisy and Lona both had pieces in the show.

Zoom #101

Thanksgiving week: we still made time to share the week’s work.

5th Street Market & Zoom #100!

We tried to meet at a new place on Tuesday, but it was way too crowded, so we fell back to our tried and true 5th Street Market.

Zoom #100!

Valley River 2 & Zoom #99

Top Drawers were at Valley River again. There is so much there to sketch!

Zoom #99

In Boise, Sandy and Hugh spend time sketching at coffee shops and with their new sketching group. We’re always happy when they join us on Zoom.

Marsha is attending figure drawing sessions at LCC on Saturdays.

Laura was hunting Christmas decorations at Valley River Mall.

At the coast, Bev has a figure drawing class where they gather and draw each other.

Bitty’s figures are characters from her neighborhood.

Daisy sketched Christmas decorations at Valley River and added colorful Blueberry leaves to her Perpetual Journal.

Jane sketched at Valley River, but also had time to sketch while getting a flat tire fixed.

Peggy found the play ground for little children at Valley River. At home, she finished her watercolor of the Mckenzie River rapids.

At Valley River, Danita focussed on these two young women and their lively baby.

Valley River Mall & Zoom #98

Looking for a place to gather that is out if the weather, has tables, bathrooms, coffee, and plenty to draw, the Top Drawers tried the Valley River Mall. Not too bad.

Zoom #98

The Friday Zoom group includes sketchers who live in Eugene, and some who don’t. We started gathering this way to share each week’s work during Covid and don’t want to give it up.

Maude Kerns & Zoom #97

The Top Drawers met at Maude Kerns on Tuesday to sketch their annual Day of the Dead exhibit. Always fun. Aways colorful.

Zoom #97

Zoom was hosted by Danita this week. Thanks, Danita!

5th Street & Zoom #96

Smokey air once again forced us inside for sketching this week. Some of us are a little tired of drawing geraniums, but the food was good and the company, delightful.

Tricia finished earlier images from our visit to the Tuesday Farmers Market.

Zoom #96

Hugh and Sandy are back in Boise after their adventurous trip to Iceland.

5th Street & Zoom #95

Because of our area’s miserable air quality, the top Drawers’ planned trip to Detering Orchards was cancelled and we met at the 5th Street Market. Good to be together.

Zoom #95

Tuesday Farmers Market & Zoom #94

The Tuesday Farmers Market in downtown Eugene was a great place to be. So much to sketch. The staff set up a table for us. We’ll have to go back.

Zoom #94

The TD Zoom group shrinks when so many of us travel. But it just gives the rest of us more time to talk.

Two Zooms: #92 and #93