Relishing What’s in Front of Us

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

Jane-1     Jane-2Jane followed her recent advice, draw what’s in front of you.

Erik-1     Erik-2     Erik-3Erik drew what was in the front of his mind, including this morning’s sunrise!

Jan-1     Jan-2Jan got started on the challenge of some Indian corn – wow.

Ken-cover    radish-1Ken was working on the cover sheet for his 85th (!) sketchbook, but quickly got distracted by the fascinating radishes Barb A brought in.

radish-2   radish-BarbAThe radishes got us all busy drawing what was in front of us – Ken, Barbara, Erik.  And here’s Barb’s final sketch.

radish-Erik      radish-JaneErik did his radish sketch with crayons, Jane with ink & watercolor.

radish-Ken     radish-TriciaKen takes a phone call break from his sketch in ink, while  Tricia gleefully shows her collection of radish sketches.

Autumn Sketching in the ‘Hood

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

5-decorThe decor set the mood at Friendly Street Market – fall is here!

1 -Ken - leaves      2- T-leavesPenelope spread out an array of leaves she’d picked up on her walk, much to Ken’s and Tricia’s appreciation!

3 -P - share K       4- BSo-share-KPenelope’s workshop share had Ken clicking away to save a sample; then Barb Sommers got some advice about carousel animals.

6-outside         BarbSh-2Then someone noticed the sun was glowing outside, so off we went – here’s Tricia, Barb So, Barb A, Penelope, & Barb Sh (getting those leaves into her preexisting journal page).

P-2      T-2Penelope & Tricia were enthralled with the autumn leaves.

BarbSo-1      BarbSo-2Barb So tackled the plant on the table – what a challenge! She did it!

BarbA-2    Jane's - 2Barb A brought a little basket of tiny persimmons to paint – how charming is that! And here’s Jane’s sketch of the market decor, finished at home (because she had to leave early).

Seriously Twisted

Outside Market of Choice, 29th & Willamette, Eugene, OR

It was a lovely fall day to gather on the patio under the trees, but several things twisted our minds…

BarbSh - 1    BarbA - SicilyTo begin with, Barb Shirk showed a recent “blue” ink sketch where the ink turned purple, and Barb Aten surprised us with windmill sketches from her recent travel to Sicily. (They have windmills ?!)

Cubes    Jan - Trish, gourdsThen Barb Shirk had us turning over and around with her cubed art (more on that later – stay tuned!), and Tricia brought out twisted gourds from her garden that had her & Jan immediately sketching!

Ardas - Jane    Ardas-treeWhile Jane couldn’t resist the gourds, Ardas Calhoun (new to the group from the last trip to LaRomita in Italy) had already started sketching a tree, using little pencils purchased at Tarquinia, Italy.

BarbA - Pene   Pene-SicilyWhile Barb A sketched the gourds, Penelope perused Barb’s sketchbook from Sicily, then started sketching a map of Sicily which we all agreed was an omen that she would certainly go there, too!

Not All About the Gelato, after all

Market of Choice, 29th & Willamette, Eugene, OR

We’d announced our meeting was a gelato tasting at MOC…1 - gelatoand there it was, alright. But it’s too early to eat gelato at 9:30 a.m., we decided.

past - Barb Sh    past - Barb So So the “Barb-wires” (Barb Shirk & Barb Sommers) started us off artistically by showing work they’d done recently.


look- KenKen, as usual, had a book he just had to share – this on letters from famous people. Jan, Barb Shirk, Penelope were fascinated. Tricia and Barb Sommers were otherwise occupied.

past - Ken      past - PThen Ken & Penelope joined in with work they’d been doing.

people - P     people- Jan,BarbShPenelope also shared her page of people, which was also the current focus of sketching for Jan and Barb Shirk.

people - Barb Sh     people - JanHere’s the view of what they were doing – Barb building on a background sketch, and Jan trying to find the perfect shocking pink.

pumpkins - Barb So      pumpkins - TriciaMeanwhile, Barb Sommers was sketching the autumn decorations, as was Tricia (along with a hint of what goodies got consumed).

pumpkins - Jane       people- janeJane (wearing her Susan Detroy design t-shirt) dutifully sketched the decorations, too, as well as a woman across the room, eating…

gelato - JaneYou guessed it! GELATO!

gelato - TriciaOddly enough, only Tricia (above) and Jane ate any gelato, caught up in reminiscing about being in Italy (where it was ever so good!).