Come and Sketch When You Can!

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

We’ve always been a little loose about our sketching schedule – we start at about “9-ish” we say. But people come when they can, late or early due to conflicting schedules, and we’re happy they’re here!

1     1.5     2Today started with a reminder of Barb Sh’s giant sloth sketch from the Museum of Natural History and Culture – remember? We all wondered how she’d resolve running out of paper – ta dah!

3    4Then the five of us in the first “shift” started sketching the red cyclamen Jane brought along – here’s Jane’s preliminary sketch with Barb So and Erik, and Barb Sh and Sandy getting color down.

BarbSo-1    BarbSo-2Barb So finished her ink sketch and added her signature light watercolor, much to everyone’s satisfaction.

Erik-1        Erik-2Erik borrowed Barb Sh’s Derwent Inktense pencil, then experimented with using Jane’s waterbrush pen to bring out color.

BarbSh-1    BarbSh-2Barb Sh demonstrates her technique with the Inktense pencils, using a waterbrush with just the right amount of water – from her tongue!

Jane-red cyclamenJane gave up on putting her cyclamen in a pot. Here it is.

Penelope-1     Peneope-2Then the next shift arrived – Penelope with her late breakfast, which she dutifully began to sketch. Fast on her heels came Barb A and Ken, who claimed they came just in time for the critique!

Visiting a Time Gone By – Buzz Saw Sharks!

Museum of Natural and Cultural History, UO campus, Eugene, OR

One of our group attendees is a docent at the Museum, and she invited us to see the display about the “buzz saw sharks.”

1        2Alaskan artist Ray Troll had several imagined paintings of them on display – here’s Jane in front of a self-portrait of Ray & the shark.

3      4They’re actually called “helicoprion,” and their remains were found in Idaho (because Oregon was way below sea level then). Barb Stevens-Newcomb really enjoyed being our museum tour guide.

BA-1    BA-2    BA-3Barbara Aten got right into sketching the imagined model of the shark, accompanied by Tricia. Her last step was to add the sea water, but you’ll have to come back to see the final sketch.

T-1    T-2    T-3Tricia tackled the buzz saw shark, too, but had to add the saber tooth salmon – those were dangerous days way back when!

BS-1   BS-2   BS-3Meanwhile, Barb Sh was trying to keep track of the bones of the giant sloth, relying on her anatomy training – it worked!

P-1    P-2    P-3And Penelope was fascinated with the old remains of the saw tooth shark’s “whorl” of teeth – got it!

One Thing Leads to Another

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

Erik-1    Jane-1   BarbSh-1It started out simply enough – Erik asked Jane if he could sketch her, Jane sketched the power muffin & beverages in front of her, Barb Sh came in with her sketch of her hand from last week.

Ken-2    Ken-bookThen Ken O’Connell came in with a book a friend had published of her work, which captivated us: Barbara Stevens-Newcomb, Penelope Youngfeather, Erik Johnson, Barbara Shirk, Jane Harrison.

BarbSN-1    BarbSN-2   BarbSN-3Barb S-N was intrigued by the weight scale across the room, which magically sprouted leaves and then the escape was on.

P-1    Tricia-1Penelope & Tricia started sketching the various beverage containers.

Erik-2      Erik-3Erik was nearly finished with his sketch of Jane when a woman in a magnificent cape and long boots came into the store.

BarbSh-2   BarbSh-3   BarbSh-4Barb Sh inked in leaves penciled in from a visit to the doctor, then added the guy at the next table. Fresh colors bring it alive.

Jane-2    Jane-3    ink-BarbShJane’s sketch grew from the simple outline to color, to more objects, to her muffin in soluble ink. Which prompted Barb Sh to share her soluble ink sketch – very old Schaeffer blue ink turned purple!

P-2   P-3Meanwhile, Penelope added color as well as people at the table.

Tricia-2     Tricia-3And Tricia did the same (but differently!).

Sketch First, Devour Later

Perugino’s, Eugene, OR

Hugh-1     Hugh-2     Hugh-3Hugh gloats about his treat, then does contrition by sketching ALMOST before he eats it! Can you tell he’s an engineer?

BarbSo-1      BarbSo-2Barbara Sommers shows her sketches of tiny things on her window sill at home, then gets down to sketching her latte in front of her.

BarbSh-1     BarbSh-2Barbara Shirk avoids the goodies by sketching what’s in front of her.

Jane-1     Jane's-finalJane has been busy sketching vignettes about the place, including Ken talking to Roger Saydack across the room. She replaces her soluble ink cartridge, makes a mess, and here’s the resolution.

Ken-1    Ken-2    Ken-3When Ken joins us the commentary begins – Barb Sh on adding the bird to her page, Ken on how he did the MOC sketch, & Penelope sends Ken checking to see if she’s captured him & his sketchbook.

KenO-1     KenO-2Ken has to follow his own edict – sketch first! Then he borrows some “palette mud” from Tricia to finish his sketch.KenO-3    KenO-4

Tricia-1       Tricia-2Meanwhile, Tricia has been sketching Ken & the breads behind him. (See her notes on latecomer sketching protocol- it works!)

P-1    P-2   P's finalFinally, Penelope capitulates and starts sketching, too.