Umbrellas, chairs, and sky – oh my!

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

Erik-BarbSNErik and Barb S-N hard at work. Barb is paying attention to the negative space around a person’s head. Erik to earth and sky:


BarbSh-1       BarbSh-2Barb Sh is finishing a sketch from last week, putting in color – I asked about the color on the chair: “Shiraz!” she replied. We like it.

Jane-1     Jane-2    Jane-5th St finalJane’s looking out the window – what to draw, what to draw…

Sat-1-TriciaSatoko and Tricia barely interrupt sketching to talk plans for Europe.

Sat-2        Sat-finalSatoko has already sketched the view across the room, then quickly adds a sketch of the red umbrellas outside on the patio.

Tricia-2             Tricia-finalTricia’s gazing out the window, too – umbrellas! Ta dah!

BarbA-1Barb A shows up,  just home from painting in Venice and full of stories, but what can she draw in 10 minutes, she says…

BarbA-2      BarbA-3Oh! A chair! Of course! (and doesn’t she look pleased with herself!)

Sketching in the Sun – Sweet!

Oakway Mall Courtyard, Eugene, OR

AllHard to believe that a morning which started out at 51 degrees could turn out to be so hospitable! We all loved being here!

Satoko-1     Erik-1     Erik-SatokoSatoko and Erik completed their inital sketches quickly, and moved on to the next sketch. What an inspirational duo!

Tricia-1        Tricia-2Tricia and Satoko have a conversation while the rest sketch, but they were quickly back at their sketchbooks. Tricia’s results are below:Tricia-3

BarbA-1     BarbA-2Barb A started an earlier dance class, so she could be here the whole time, much to our pleasure – love her painterly sketch.

Jane-1    Jane-2    Jane-3Jane started out by drawing the duck at Chapala’s to test her ink pen on a new sketchbook (Pentalic “Nature Sketch”), then surprised us by doing a portrait of Barb A – nailed those colors.

Jan-BarbSN-1        Jan-2Jan and Barb S-N enjoyed a lively conversation, but that didn’t stop Jan from letting her tree sketch grow across her page.

BarbSN-2       Jan-BarbSN-A-KenAnd while Barb S-N was concentrating on architecture – look who was spotted across the courtyard making telephone calls about Italy.

Ken-1      Ken-2Ken quickly makes up for lost sketching time, going dark & adding definition. The session ends with Ken showing his accordion book.Ken-3

Flowers at Friendly!

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

Jane-1      Jane-2Jane was thrilled to see the cyclamen on the tables outside Friendly St. Market – here she is along with her sketches.

Ken-1     Ken-2     Ken-3As usual, Ken uses whatever tools he has stuck in his pocket – lookin’ pretty good there, but what else….not done ’til you’re done!

Sandy-1     Sandy-2Sandy has to make her time count because she goes to a ceramics class soon, and what a lovely count!

Tricia-1      Tricia-2Tricia tries sketching the cyclamen, too, trying  different styles to compare the effect. See below – charming, all of them!


Ken-flower pic     Ken-flowerAll this talk of flowers reminds Ken of the photo he took at the Oregon coast not long ago – anyone know what it is???

BarbSh-1On a whole ‘nother note, Barb Sh showed us her completed page featuring the guy with nose & ear hair, along with DC gargoyles!

BarbSh-2       BarbSh-3Barb Sh started sketching a guy sitting near with his guitar,  but the model left (!), so she reverted back to sketching from photos.

Pen-1   Pen-2   Pen-3Meanwhile, Penelope is getting ready to go on a trip and is starting a new sketchbook for the occasion, beginning with a map of Oregon.

Erik-1     Erik-2     Erik-3Erik sketches to his own tune, but trying to do a portrait from a photo was frustrating to him – he said he thought he did pretty well in drawing the stuffed squid. (I’ve got to see the final version!)

Phyllis-1Phyllis Helland was walking by, and some of the TDs knew her & that she always carried a sketchbook, so they urged her to join us.

Phyllis-2       Phyllis-3Phyllis immediately got in the swing of the unspoken tradition, and started sketching…Erik and his signature hat!  Welcome, Phyllis. We hope you’ll come back to sketch with us!

Sun, Shade, Sun – What to Do!

Oakway Mall Courtyard, Eugene, OR

Sun-1    BarbSh-DCWhat a day to start in the sun! Barb S-N opens her sketchbook while Barb Sh shares her sketches from a recent trip to DC.

Erik-1          Erik-3Erik is a real sun lover, and loved capturing the contrast of the crane showing through the white oak tree against the brilliant blue sky.

BarbSo-1   BarbSo-2   BarbSo-3It was too hot in the sun for a few of us – here’s Barb So sketching.

Jane-tree   Tricia-1Jane completed her sketch of the white oak tree using Qor watercolors (so vivid), while Tricia contemplates using them, too.

Sun-2Then the crew in the sun tempted all of us – here’s Erik, Penelope, Tricia, & Barb Sh.

BarbSh-1    BarbSh-2What was Barb Sh up to? A relative had bemoaned his loss of head hair, & challenged her to sketch his remaining nose & ear hair!

P-2Penelope showed us her Winnie Givot inspired page of color swatches used for the facing page sketch – what a good idea.

P-1    P-3Then she got busy with a sketch of her incredible clematis, with matching color swatches on the opposite page of her sketchbook.

Tricia-2    Tricia-3Tricia finished up her tree sketch, and added the clematis, too.

Jane-carnation          Jane-clematis, blue bottle 1

Meanwhile, Jane was busy sketching one of the carnations a couple of girls were handing out, as well as the obligatory clematis. It was a great day for all.

A Lot to be Said for the Sun

Oakway Mall Courtyard, Eugene, OR

This is what happens when the webmaster is away – the stalwart people still show up, especially when sun is involved! But you have to supply the quips about what was going on yourself. Or not.


Erik, Sandy, Satoko – what a great selfie!

Eirk-1      Erik, Satoko

Erik and Satoko sure look like they’re going to be sketching.

Pen, Sat, Erik

Sandy says just as she was leaving she turned around & caught this.