The Faces Change, But the Game Goes On!

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

all-1     all-2We all enjoyed gathering downstairs at the Market & using the big table, but it was a changeable crowd (as usual): Judith, Ken, Hugh, Erik, Sandy, Barb So, Penelope, Heidi, and Tricia in these shots.

berry-sandy-1   berry-jane-1   berry-barbso-1_edited-1Sandy brought a berry sprig, which she, Jane, and Barb So sketched.

hu-e-1    hu-e-2    hu-3Hugh and Erik made fast work of their sketches at the table end.

bearclaw-k      bearclaw-sAnd then there were the bear claw pastries – Tricia was agog at Ken’s rendition, while Sandy was busy sketching Ken’s pastry!

tricia-cal    tricia-2   tricia-3Tricia shared the calendar she made of her Sicily sketches, then got caught up in sketching the wine cork swags above the wine bar.

ban-k-1     ban-k-2     ban-k-3Meanwhile, Ken was busy sketching his banana, going darker.

ban-sandy-1         ban-sandy-2Then Sandy got involved in the banana sketch mania, too.

barba-water    barba-2    barba-3Barb A came sneaking in with the water container her grandkids gave her for hiking – perfect for water color wherever she is!

judith-1   pe-h-t   pe-2Judith was sketching the display across from her. Penelope, Heidi, & Tricia were too busy to talk. Then Penelope decided she should do a sketch from where she was currently sitting – Provisions!

h-phyl-1    h-2    h-3Heidi was bemoaning having a colorful bag but only a black & white sketch. Tricia offered her travel palette & water brush – color on!

phyl-1       phyl-2Phyllis joined us late, but not too late to sketch what she saw!