To Market to Market…to Sketch, of course.

Farmers Market, Park Blocks, Eugene, OR

     The day started off kind of drizzly, so Lealan, Penny, Barb Sh, Erik, & Jane (behind the camera) started off at the Palace Bakery. Yum.

      Then we segued over to the market – first Tricia, Helga, Penny, & Jane  at the tables (with Daisy & Lealan sketching in other parts of the market), but it wasn’t long before Ken joined us, too.

  The lamppost with flowers and the market sign caught Daisy’s eye, then all the goodies to purchase (all in her hand made sketchbook).

   Lealan went for the full ambience of the market before succumbing to the delicious available fruit to take home to visitors. So she said.

Penny and Helga were fascinated with the market umbrellas.

      Here are those lovely rounded umbrella tops by Penny and Helga.

       Jane’s eye was caught by the pointed umbrella tops.

   Our group expanded to include Satoko & Marilyn. Then the booth across the way with hanging hats became Satoko’s focus.

   See how quickly that sketch took shape! She doesn’t even hesitate.

     Ken loves working with a brush pen, perfect for tree branches!

Oh, look who’s here! Penelope! Let the wild rumpus begin!

        First she gets those watercolor saturated, then the loose watercolor begins, but oh! Up she jumps to sketch in the band performers, too!

         Tricia is determined to do only loose watercolor – but the guy has no face! Problem solved. Sketch the back of him – no noses involved.

Tricia’s final sketch has lines for lettering (& a tiny bit for the pastry wrapper). Success!

Sketching at the Rose Garden – yes, Again!

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

  Back and front views of the early birds in the garden: Sharon, Renee Nelson (so good to see you!), and Barbara So.

      Erik, Renee, Patti, and in the next shot: Patti, Sharon, Helga.

   What a lovely setting! Patti, Erik, Helga, Barb So, and Sharon. Then Satoko stopped by with her friend Keiko fro Japan, much to the pleasure of Erik & Patti. And Jane, too, of course.

     And speaking of Jane, here she is, and here’s what she’s sketching – the white roses hanging from the arbor over the table.

      Look at how Patti’s value study evolves – first a light sketch, then adding darks. Ken would say, “Go darker!” and she does! Then white.

        Erik’s sketch is a lesson in layers – look at that sketch build!

     It’s always interesting to see how sketches evolve – here is Barb So.

     Look at Sharon’s sketch come to vibrant life – lovely!

    Helga joined us, too, and Barb So chats with Lealan (who was fascinated with the mowing patterns in the lawn!).

       We lost track of Heather – she was over by the famous old Tartarian Cherry tree – love her impressionistic version of the view!

Hard Work Pays Off in Sketching Success

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

After the sunny skies last week, it was hard to pull ourselves together inside to sketch, but these troupers did it! Erik, Sharon, Daisey Schrock, Marsha, & Jane behind the camera.

      Daisey started us off with a Stephan King quote: “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”  Erik’s sketch is apropos!

     Daisey took the advice to heart, too, and quickly built her sketch.

       After sketching the potted tree outside, Jane tried doing a contour drawing using the negative space around a chair. 3rd sketch wins!

        Marsha sketched the whole seating arrangement outside, and look  at those chairs! They’re deceptively hard to do!

       It was so good to have Sharon back with us, and to watch her light hand with watercolor as the scene evolved in front of us.

    Helga joined us near the end, but was able to get a hanging basket sketched and begin on the tricky angles of the fencing. Whew.


A Rose Might as well be in a Garden

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

   We were all scattered around the garden today, enjoying roses in full bloom – here are Jean & Marsha; Bev & Satoko.

     Barb So and Penny got into doing sketching right away.

Penny, Tricia, Ken, & Barb Sh – was it hard to decide what to draw?

    Jean was working with water soluble colored pencils. Marsha had her father’s Prisma pencils, which her sister encouraged her to use.

     Barb So started with a light pencil sketch, then added watercolor.

   Penny is pleased with her sketch of the gazebo, & started a colored pencil sketch of a tall spired yellow flower (who knows what it is?).

  Jane was so exhausted by doing the gazebo contour sketch, that she couldn’t finish it, so sketched some nearby roses instead.

      Bev claimed she wasn’t having a good drawing day – but many of us wish we could do such a not good drawing! This is delightful!

    Ken shared his new business cards with us – 15 different images, mostly from his sketches. Then Satoko was back to her watercolor.

     Barb Sh really got into negative space for the white calla lilies!

   Tricia shared her sketch from Crooked River – done in watercolor first, then ink lines on top. Next she drew all the rose arches here:


      Meanwhile, Ken was having a great time doing the gazebo sketch with his brush pen. What a wonderful stylized version!