Sketching in a Sanctuary

Cortesia Sanctuary, Eugene, OR

An apt quote welcomes us: “The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, one is nearer to God’s heart in a garden, than anywhere else on earth.”

         Tricia adds to that welcome – there are 22 acres to explore, lots of garden, a labyrinth, a path to look across the valley to the lake.

Helga, Marsha, Tricia, Penny & Jane gather at the table to sample the blueberries Penny brought to share from her garden.

   Helga is pleased with her sketch of a challenging chair on the deck, but Jane can’t settle on just one thing, so does a collection!

Tricia & Satoko find a quiet shaded place to sketch the garden.

Penny and Barb So. are just up the path with sculpture & flowers.

       Here are Penny’s and Barb So’s preliminary sketches – lookin’ good!

    The bird house gets Marsha’s attention, but Helga found a swing!

     What a wonderful place for sketching!

     Penny plays with a brush pen, and Tricia says “I want to get loose!”

So Tricia takes direction from Satoko, a master of wet-on-wet paints.

     Satoko’s painting quickly evolves, and Tricia is proud of her start!

     Penny looks at her first adventure with a brush pen, while Jane examines her use of a Copic marking pen sketch of nearby trees.

We loved sketching at Cortesia! It’s become an annual retreat.

Lots to Sketch at Fifth St. Market

5th St. Market (lower level), Eugene, OR

Here are most of us: Tricia; Penelope, Barb So., Erik; behind the column is Bev with Penny & Lealan, and far right is Daisy (with Jane).

Penelope, Barb So., & Erik were busy from the time they sat down!

       Erik was working on a wheat field he’d seen, while Barb So sketched what was right in front of her on the table.

       Penelope would like us to think that she got the blueberry Danish purely for sketching reasons. It sure vanished fast after the sketch!

Bev, Penny, & Lealan had a nice selection of being in the sun or not.

      Here you can see how Bev’s sketch developed – ink then color.

       Lealan goes right to color – markers, that is. She says she likes the effect in the one done at Diamond Lake, more like what she wants.

        Suddenly I noticed that all three were sketching in their laps, just like Penelope & Barb So.   Penny was sketching flower baskets above us.

     Daisy was sketching in her lap, too, determined to make that rooster sculpture in the fountain pop off the page – ta dah!


Jane didn’t have Penelope’s control over her subject before she finished her sketch. (YUM!) Next she laid down paint before ink.

    Satoko joined Tricia (both sketching in their laps!). Satoko’s attention was caught by the rooster in the fountain, too.


Tricia started with the flowers on the balcony above us, and ended with a colorful rendition of “Swifty” the market rooster icon.

Rosy Sketching Under the Red Umbrella

Farmers Market, Eugene, OR

Here we are, most of us gathered under a red umbrella at the market, from left to right: Judith & Justin in the sun; Helga, Marsha, Bev, Lealan, Sandy, & Hugh taking cover from the sun.

      Hugh concocted his own sketching tripod, which gives him a stable base for his sketchbook, and he got  into sketching right away.

      The light coming through the red umbrella gives his sketch a rosy glow! But he sure nailed the booth across from him in his sketch.

Lealan did her shopping first and generously contributed a still life, much to Sandy’s and Jane’s pleasure.

Here’s Sandy’s sketch of the beets & carrots – her paper really was white as you can see in her final sketch.

   Jane had a different viewpoint for her sketch of the veggies.

And Lealan looked right over the top of the veggie still life to include Jane in the picture!

Here are Marsha and Bev busy sketching – in the pink, so to speak!

       Marsha did her preliminary sketch with pencil, which doesn’t show up so well here. So come back another time to see it inked!

         Bev was the busiest of us all, and got three sketches done!

     Helga added to her market sketch from last time, and Daisy captured a whole booth with color and detail.

      Judith’s son Justin was visiting from Japan, and came sketching with her. Judith took on the challenge of those baffling square umbrellas.

      It turns out that Justin is an old hand at watercolor sketching. It’s always such a pleasure when we can include visiting family! Keep coming back, Justin!