People and Places Predominate

5th Street Market, Eugene, OR

Jim, Daisy, Laura, Ellen, Satoko, Bev, Barb Sh, Barb So, Marsha, Lealan, Lona, & Jane behind the camera glad to be back from AZ.

        Now you can see what Jim is so intent on sketching – great job!

      Laura sketched the sketchers, as well as the ramen restaurant front.

        Ellen got started on one sketch – too many lines! – on on to the next.

         You might suspect that Satoko has done this kind of thing before!

     Bev did an impression sketch of men at a table, then a more detailed sketch capturing the ramen place as well as the window & booth.

      Barb Sh has a clever way of getting her models to hold still – take a photo, quick! She’s created the wonderful ambience of the place.

       Barb So had time for a quick pencil sketch, and Lona got out her big palette – she said she got frustrated traveling with a small one!

      Marsha is getting bolder in her use of the brush pen – nicely done.

      Jane boldly went directly to ink on paper – she says it was fun after she forgot to hyperventilate.

   Lealan did a black on white sketch using her Tombow marker – what a wonderful impression, brick wall and all!

It’s all about people…except when it’s not.

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

      We took over a whole corner of the market – ended up with 17 people showing up to sketch! Here are Bev, Jim, Daisy, Danita, Barb So, Laura; Marsha, Erik, Penny M, Liz, Lealan, & Ellen.

       Bev’s snow scene sketches, and the sketches done today. Charming!

     Jim took on the sketchers scene in the window – what a nice scene.

    Daisy did a wonderful sketch of  her coffee. Then Bev said, “What are you sketching!” Oh, the ATM machine behind Bev’s back!

    Danita chose just three of the sketchers to sketch – her water color rendition definitely caught the essence of the people.

   Barb So had a slightly different angle for sketching people, and incorporated the table in front of her as part of the perspective.

    Laura was looking the opposite way – her stamped page lent a whimsical attitude which she carried on with the lights. What fun!

     Erik had just uncovered his small watercolor palettes along with a pack of “artist’s cards” – speaking of having fun, isn’t this great?

      Franzi slipped into the back corner, taking on the challenge of replicating a photo using colored pencils – she’ll add more layers, too.

      Penny M. said she’d just painted that same scene in oils, but here she is inspired by a picture of crocus, doing a watercolor interpretation.

      Marsha, sitting across from Penny, is continuing to develop her portrait skills, using Pitt pens with a light hand to bring the color out.

    Liz, joining us for the first time, came prepared with a beautiful flower photo she wanted to draw, and did some nice shading, too.

      Jane decided to try vignettes in interlocking frames – at first kind of a maze of lines, but she cleaned up the page for a delightful finish.

       The view of the round lights and sphere in the window caught Lealan’s attention, too; a  very different approach using markers.

    Ken never stops teaching and encouraging eager artists. Lucky us!

      Bill came late from an appointment, but he was ready to draw his subject – Jim – in preparation for a birthday card for his buddy.

    Zoe said she was just glad to be with us. She added onto a collage she was doing, then started sketching Ken across the room – nice!