Back at the U – what do YOU see?

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

    We gathered & then spread out – Laura, Peggy, Bitty, Marsha; Hugh, Sandy (& their ever present bikes), Marsha.

   Laura and Bev captured random images around campus.

     Daisy’s images all came from the Museum of Art – fun overlay!

     Jane came with an idea in mind, then went wild with campus icons.

   Peggy captured the window of the office where she used to work.

   Marsha kept adding incredible buildings to her page, reminiscing.

   Bitty decided her sketch was a bit to bright, so added some glazing!

     Hugh was into buildings, too, but Sandy saw a sculpture – nice work.

Woodsy Sketching – a departure!

Forest Haven, Oregon

Deep in the woods amid vineyards and farm lands west of Eugene, we went at Mike & Danita’s for sketching and lunch, too!
Hugh, Sandy, Bev, Barb So., Danita, Marsha. More of us elsewhere.

And here’s Mike at the barbecue, getting lunch ready for us!

      Hugh sketched the view of their house (built by Mike’s architect father), looking through the mossy tree (& sketchers, of course).

     Sandy (a potter) focused on the fero-concrete sculpture Mike made just beyond the barbecue – it was quite a wild creation!

     After quick sketches to capture the essence of the place, Bev said she just went crazy with “blind” contour drawings of us.  WOW!

     Barb So sketched some of the people in the forested context, but then had to put up with the people moving – no respect from models.

     When Danita wasn’t touring us about, or fixing lunch, she finished her sketch from 5th St. Market, and started a new watercolor.

    Marsha was intrigued with the view of the house seen through the trees, too. No reason not to use tools when you want straight line!

          Brooke, Danita’s jeweler friend, joined us – no surprise that she fell for the texture of the tree – a terrific sketch job. Sketch with us again.

      Jim made a successful leap from doing architecture based sketches to doing b&w ink sketches of trees, mushrooms, and ferns. Wowza!

      Daisy, on the deck above him, chose the same subjects, but in watercolor, & watercolor pencil heightened by water brush touches.

           And Jane? When she wasn’t running around taking photos, she was doing little vignettes of what she was seeing at Forest Haven. Nice.

Then there was lunch. What a fabulous treat. Thanks so much!

While the students are gone the sketchers will play

University of Oregon campus, Eugene, OR
We met in front of the Knight Library, and ended up at the EMU.

.     Marsha, Peggy, Daisy; Sandy, Hugh; Lealan and Marsha again!

      Marsha was showing Lealan a previous sketch full of lively color. Her view today was frustrating in its overwhelming detail.  What to do!

      Lealan wasn’t wild about her previous sketch in watercolor, then went on to do a lightening quick ink sketch of all of us at the EMU!

      Peggy is a plein air painter used to big brushes and lots of pigment, so a sketcher’s world is a challenge for her. Great b&w ink sketch!

        Jane sketched from the library looking across the quad, then did a bit of old Villard Hall, ending up at the EMU with students & flags.

     Here’s Jane’s view of Villard Hall, and Bitty’s watercolor and ink rendition.  The ink on top of loose watercolor really makes it pop.

        Daisy sketched the Lillis Center, then went into the library and tackled a curving staircase – wow! what a challenge, & in red marker!

        Laura and Bev were downstairs in the library, too. What a difference color makes in a sketch – Laura using colored pencils, Bev markers.

       Sandy was outside the library with a view that included a delivery cart, her bicycle, and the Lillis Business Center in the distance.

      Hugh had a similar view, but had a very different style – of course, color makes a difference, and Sandy says just wait for hers!

Then we all met up on the patio at the EMU to spread out our sketchbooks, sharing what we’d done. Ken showed up for that part!