Keeping the Sketch Energy Going!

Tradewinds Cafe, Eugene, OR

Despite the heater going, it was still chilly outside the cafe – Danita, Peggy, Bill, Jim, Hugh, Bitty, Barb Sh, Katie, Lynda, Serge.

     Danita got right after the view out the window – nice!

    Helga and Daisy snuck in, too – Daisy’s doing the trees outside.

       Here’s how Peggy builds her tree, & puts it in context.

   Lealan loves those Tombow markers – have to see next time for the finished work.

   Jane went temporarily auto-crazy, then on to building design.

      Marsha was busy doing portraits of nearby models. Sweet.

      Bill brought a photo as a sketch inspiration – note the guitarist, too.

      Jim is still mining travel mags for sketching ideas – great colors.

      Bitty found a place in the front window to watercolor sketch trees.

     Barb So did a sketch of a photo Jane posted; here she’s with Barb Sh.

   Barb Sh is finishing up her sketchbook from her trip to Italy – nice!

         Katie’s doing sketching from Italy memories & photos, too.

      Lynda took on the challenge of irregular steps up a hill – 2 versions!

      Serge was doing his signature precision watercolor sketch – lovely!

   Here are Lynda & Serge at work, and here’s Sandy’s work of them &

       Hugh! At the next table, working on cross-hatching.

Artists at an Art Exhibit

Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, OR

We had such great fun sketching at the Members Art Show! Shown here: Sandy, Bev, Jim, Peggy, Ken, Hugh, Carol, Lona, Erik, Marsha, Serge. Elsewhere but also present: Jane, Daisy, Barb So, Michelle.

         Sandy was so intrigued with a wire sculpture that she did it from several angles. The color she added was in the original piece, too.

     Peggy picked the same sculpture to sketch, perfect for pen & ink. Then she lightly sketched in the art hung beyond it for context.

      Bev was looking at different walls, putting sketches on a page with pre-stamped cats (viewing the art!), then on to toned paper.

         Jim was taking the big view of the gallery entry – look how he brought light in through the window to his right for depth.

      Sitting next to Jim, Jane zeroed in on an interesting piece of sculpture, although she said the shadows interested her most!

      Carol & Barb So had fun looking at Jane’s Italy sketchbook and Daisy’s Italy sketch quilt hung beside it.  Then Carol sketched, too.

      Daisy also sketched the wire sculpture, then took in a whole wall from the Club Mud exhibit in the next room – ah, shadows for depth.

          Hugh focused on a metal sculpture, then put it in context with where it was displayed – fascinating sketch of a fascinating sculpture.

      Lona keeps saying she wants to have a lighter hand, and here she was able to get a balance of her usual vivid color with light context!

     Marsha relied on a tried & true trick – sketching sketchers across from her! Great job capturing the essence of Erik & Lona.

      Serge is a whiz at doing quick thumbnail sketches of architecture  (from no particular place, but from his head) – nice values studies.

      Erik’s in his head, too – at the beach! What a nice scene this is going to be, making us all wish we were there, too.

      Ken joined us for some sketching at the show – sketching us sketching! Marsha, Serge, Lona, Erik, Hugh, Peggy, Jane, Jim, & Bev.

      Meanwhile, Michelle was appreciating Daisy’s quilt, and Hugh and Lona stopped by to chat with Ken. What a great art gallery day!

It’s all how you choose to view it

Tradewinds Cafe @ Jiffy, Eugene, OR

     Nice to be in a sheltered heated place “outside!”

Bev, Marsha, Peggy, & artifacts of Jane at the first table.

      Bev started it with a tree outside.

          Marsha added another musician, then drew the tree, too.

       For Peggy, it was all about the tree.

      Jane sketched a little bit of everything.

Bill, Jim, & Katie were at the next table.

      Bill gets a lot of mileage out of his watercolor pencils – nice style.

     Jim sketched what was in front of him, then OMG the crab!

      Katie’s dog was fairly unobtrusive – great model for her, though!

Erik, Hugh, Laura, & Helga do some chatting before sketching.

   Erik is such a master at using wax crayons, even though they’re hard.

   Rather than direct application, Hugh uses a water brush with them.

       Laura loves the new Urban Sketchers book, loves people & the dog.

    Helga brought her view with her – wish we were there, myself.

    Lynda liked a cluster of mushrooms, and had great fun with them.

      Serge is into adding watercolor to architecture – great effect!

       Barb Sh & Lealan munching, then here’s her sketch of Laura!

    Barb Sh finished her Italy trip cover page; the adventure goes on.

      Jude & Daisy prove that you don’t have to know what it is to sketch.

   And look who stopped by! We always appreciate tips from Ken.

Back at Camas Bakery in the fog.

Camas Country Mill Bakery & Schoolhouse

       Don’t know how this division happened! Serge, Jim, Erik, Hugh; Danita, Laura, Marsha, Katie, Sandy, Peggy, Bev, Lealan.