#27 TD Zoom

Sunshiny faces: Hugh, Jane, Bev, Marsha, Danita, Peggy, Sandy, Laura, BarbSo, Daisy, Rita. But some have been too busy to sketch!

Hugh has discovered that he can view several of his small sketchbook sketches side by side in his iPad!

          Jane has discovered what a difference various sketchbook paper makes – left, not so good; right better. And then there’s Bee paper.

      Bev sketched her first gallery sitting in Brookings, along with her cat (of course), and a trip to the beach “collecting” beach walkers.

    Marsha discovered the difference in image recording devices!

Then she shared her mock-up of her 2 artist pages for our book.

Peggy had a great time with this rose – note the use of orange gel pen for the stamens. How clever was that!

        Sandy’s being loose while working on expression in her people sketches, and it shows – good work! (Love that middle one!)

        Daisy’s continuing her cooking sketches, did a corner of her room, and then in an accordion book a collection of bottles! See below:

      And Rita’s have fun going back over her photos to do quick sketches, and we’re enjoying that virtual  trip.

#26 TD Zoom

Laura, Jane, Bev, Marsha, Hugh, BarbSo, Bitty, Daisy, Rita, Danita, Peggy (trouble with visual), Sandy, Tricia (trouble with audio).

      Barb So












#25 TD Zoom

Bitty, Jane, Marsha, Barb So, Bev, Peggy, Daisy, Danita.

      BarbSo has been taking a watercolor class from Shari Blaukopf, and having fun applying what she’s learning to her own sketches.

   Bev finished her beauty acrylic painting for the city art project. Here it is from layout using cutouts, to final painting -wow!

   Bitty is combining field work with quick watercolor sketches (she says the last one’s not done yet, so stay tuned!).

      Daisy did a garden sketch, a sketch of her wonderful muffins, and then participated in a live online model sketch (which was fun!).

      Danita is a natural teacher, here showing her process step by step, with a fabulous result for her bird sketchbook she just started.

   Jane’s smitten with spring green, and having fun with it, too,

Laura’s been busy, but not to busy to finish her Friday sketch from Oakway Center Courtyard.

   Marsha went from an elegant b&w ink sketch to making cards with her loose watercolor iris. She enjoyed making them, lucky recipients.

   Peggy finished her Oakway sketch, too (a tree between trees), then went out with the plein air group to do…more trees!

#24 TD Zoom

The usual suspects plus a new one: Bitty, Jane, Marsha, Bev, BarbSo, Laura, Danita, Peggy!, and Daisy. Welcome Peggy. (Note that Bev is totally preoccupied with the banner she’s doing for a local festival.)

      Bitty just got back from Summer Lake and environs – can she tell she’s in love with rock? Lovely fast sketches.

      One of the things we like about Zoom is being able to see works in process – Jane’s carefully planned page, and a quick tree sketch.

      The first two irises are Marsha’s from a year ago, the last from a few days ago – from very careful details to the loose spirit of the flower!

   Speaking of breaking out of the mold, here’s Barb So’s headstone rubbing with  quick sketch in front, then a moody sketch with pot .

     Laura’s sketches from the cemetery visit zeroed in on plants and designs. It’s interesting to see what catches each artist’s eyes.

   Danita has started a new sketchbook focused on the birds she sees around her at the various feeders they have hanging in trees.

     Peggy had a dramatic sketch from the cemetery, and a tree done with sparkly ink (which doesn’t scan or photograph well, darn it).

    Daisy’s continuing her illustrations for the mystery novel, and wants to continue to do food and flowers (see the new sketchbook entry!).