#32 TD Zoom Meeting

It’s been super hot this week, and several folks have family visiting, so we were a small group: Marsha, Jane, Peggy, BarbSo, Bev, Daisy.

      Daisy is still doing recipes, but she also attended the Nature Journaling Conference online, trying out new strategies. Super!

      Bev continues to chronicle life as she sees it in Brookings, OR.

      We always enjoy seeing the lovely sketches Barb So does.

      Peggy’s wet-on-wet work helped inform her later sketch!

Jane’s been busy with other projects, so this is her only sketch.

Marsha is getting very adept at her people sketches – Hugh & Sandy sketching, above; and below sketches of folks in a waiting room.

#31 TD Zoom Meeting

We’re all (mostly) in our places: Peggy, Jane, Bev, BarbSo, Bitty, Marsha, Danita, Laura, Hugh, Rita.

      Barb So – quick people sketch, local birds, & agapanthus blooming!

    Please do click on each of Bev’s sketch images above to see them enlarged – they’re delightful!

    Bitty & Peggy have very busy lives right now, so they each had just one sketch to share, but what wonderful sketches!

        Danita was busy camping, but not to busy to sketch what she saw around her – makes you feel like you were there, too! Ahhhh.

         Hugh’s committed to sketch something every day, but many of us were fascinated by his water soluble ink color mix chart.

        Jane’s taking a break from sketching every day, but hasn’t quit sketching all together! Here’s her new colored pencil color chart.

     Laura had a lovely colored pencil sketch to share, and then a new departure – sketching track contenders from the newspaper!

      Marsha shared some black & white graphite sketches, some with water soluble ink (with water or watercolor over the top) – nice!


Rita’s doing a visual journal of her agapanthus as it opens from bud to flower, and then there’s her Mexican Bird of Paradise – wow!

#30- TD Zoom Meeting

In a rare moment of seriousness: Marsha, Jane, Laura, BarbSo, Peggy, Rita, Daisy, Hugh, Sandy. Must have been talking about our upcoming book of sketches: Top Drawers Sketching During Covid.

        Marsha’s into b&w – TUL ink on the flowers with water brush, then back to the tried and true graphite pencil – lovely gestural studies.

       Jane was entranced with the bug, until it moved! then the latest gratitude sketches (the later not being a vine maple after all).

    Laura started a sketch in the rose garden, got home and thought “what’s missing in that blank space….roses!” And ta dah!

      Things are blooming in Barb So’s world – even her dogs are in awe!

Peggy finished the sketch she started while many of us were in the Owen Rose Garden – her rose topped them all, however.

Daisy went all out on roses. Then she discovered her kitchen tiles were just the right dimension to measure her folding sketchbook, complete with a collection of…brooms! 


Rita’s “Art Buddies.” You can tell a lot from such simple lines. Great!

         Hugh didn’t lose his hands-on chops with water soluble crayon, even though he keeps getting better & better with digital sketching.

       Sandy keeps herself flexible, doing quick people sketches, and more detailed bird sketches – lovely all in their own way.

   And look who sneaked in the website door – Bev! Delightful 2 page spreads of her experience  down in Brookings, Oregon. Nice visit!

#29 TD Zoom Meeting

Bev, Jane, Danita, Marsha, Daisy, Peggy, Bitty, Laura, Rita.

         Rita brought her sketch to the group asking for suggestions – more hair, go darker! So she did, and isn’t it great!

Peggy had photos (taken at different times, hence the lighting difference) to show how she developed her poppy painting. Then shared (below) her sketch from Alton Baker, & pages for our book.

       Marsha had sketches from the park, and a photo of her daughter who helped her put up strawberry jam (sketch from last year).

              Jane did a water-soluble ink sketch in her yard, the remnants of a peony, and her sketches from the park.

Danita is continuing to play with the face shapes and expressions.

         BarbSo was having technology problems so couldn’t join us on Zoom, but sent photos of her recent sketch work – so wonderful!

The reason you’re not seeing work from the other folks who were at the Zoom meeting is that they’re so busy they haven’t gotten around to sending images of their work to the webmaster. But there’s still a whole lot of sketching going on!

#28 TD Zoom meeting

Marsha, Jane, Bev, Hugh, Danita, Peggy, Sandy, Laura, BarbSo., Daisy, Rita, & Bitty.

         Marsha’s on a tulip kick – they grow up above her kitchen window sill! The ones in color are from Tul ink pens, water soluble!

            Jane sketched peonies in her yard, flowers & patterns at New Day Bakery, and her widely dispersed dog training devices.

   Bev’s kitty is always a willing model. And she just can’t quite playing with shapes and patterns herself!

     Hugh is into deep color, lines, and watersoluble inks. Fun? Yes!

      Danita put down Payne’s grey first for shadows, then watercolor. And she’s playing with grandkids making faces on little face shapes.

Peggy showed us a line drawing of this poppy, and here it is done!

      Sandy’s really honing her people gesture skills, and then she couldn’t resist sketching what at “her” end of their coffee table.

      BarbSo finds beauty and charm wherever she goes, from marigolds, to a dog on his blankie, and even….rocks!

      Daisy found time in-between her food illustrations, and drawings of collections, to re-visit her neighbor’s garden as promised.

      Rita’s making an accordion book about the adventures of cats, and still loves going back to sketch owls – with a funny quip, of course.

     Bitty is one of our most dedicated watercolor only sketchers, and so much enjoys trying new things, and new challenges. You go, girl!