TDs back to a Tuesday sketch schedule!

Aug. 24, 2021 – Gobal Creative, & John Darland’s

For clarification – we were at Global Creative (wholesale art supply). See their websites – and

#39 TD Zoom meeting

Bev, Jane, Peggy, Marsha, Daisy, Bitty, Laura, & BarbSo. Contributions from Rita sent to us, too. And the sketching people challenge goes on!

#38 TD Zoom meeting

Laura, Jane, Danita, Peggy, Daisy, BarbSo, Marsha, Bev, Bitty.

#37 TD Zoom Meeting

Partly here & not: Marsha, Jane, Danita, Laura, Hugh, Barb So, Peggy, Daisy, & Bev. Not, but submitting sketches: Bitty, Rita, Sandy. We had a wide range of sketches, as usual, but now begins the 100 people sketches in August!

Bev dutifully sketched people, then got fascinated by local trees.

Then Marsha got brave to do a “Daisy” – standing up to sketch people she saw around her.