Two Tuesdays at the 5th Street Market

The Top Drawers met at the 5th Street Market for two Tuesdays. The first time we were inside because of smoky conditions and the threat of rain. Hugh and Sandy Larkin, who live in Boise now, were able to join us. They are such a delight.

The second Tuesday at the 5th Street Market, we moved outside. It was sunny and Ken joined us. Such a treat.

Owen Rose Garden & Zoom #91

Zoom #91

Gordon Alley (again) & Zoom #90

Zoom #90! Some of us have other things going on, but the weekly sharing of the week’s sketches is not to be missed.

Gordon Alley & Zoom #89

On Tuesday, the Top Drawers met at Gordon Alley. We enjoyed the shade and the amenities: lattes, ice cream, and Euphoria Chocolate!

Zoom #89!

Sketching depicts our daily lives, from Bev’s cat to Marsha waiting in line at the pharmacy.