Barnes & Noble and Zoom #110

This week the Top Drawers went to Barnes & Noble again. A good winter hangout, it works well: enough tables, coffee, pastries and a wealth of interesting things in the store.

Zoom #110

Getting together to share the week’s sketches is important to us. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes less. We have members who live at the Oregon coast, in Idaho, and in California, as well as the Eugene-Springfield area. This week Tricia and BarbSo sent in sketches even though they could not join us on Zoom.

Barnes & Nobles and Zoom #109

Our intrepid Jane joined the Top Drawers at Barnes & Noble last Tuesday. She was just recently out of the hospital, but didn’t want to miss a thing! We were delighted that her sons, Jim and Sean, could make it happen.

Zoom #109

5th Street Market & Zoom #108

We met this week at our favorite winter haunt. Upstairs at the 5th Street Market has parking, tables, chairs, coffee and pasties. And the Christmas decorations are still up. We’re good. Happy to be together.

Zoom #108

BItty’s Turkeys

Stamping Party at Jane’s & Zoom #107

January 3 was the Top Drawers annual Stamping Party at Jane’s house. She has an extensive collection of rubber stamps, stencils and inks. Every year, she invites the group to her home prepare sketchbook pages with stamped imagery. This year she also generously offered to let each sketcher take home a few stamps! We obliged.

Daisy did this drawing on her stamped page after she went home. The first page in a new sketchbook for the new year.
Katie’s sketchbook cover!
Stamped pages ready for sketching.

Zoom #107

Two Weeks in December

The Top Drawers sketched together during late December, despite (or maybe because of) traveling and holidays preparations. Today is the first day of the New Year and we are eagerly looking forward to our weekly meetings in 2023. Remember, this is an open group and we invite new sketchers to join us at the Tuesday get-togethers. If you want to know where we will be meeting next, email Marsha McCloskey at [email protected].

Emerald Art

5th Street Market

It was a wet and windy day, but inside the 5th Street Market, it was sketching as usual.

Zoom #105

At Zoom meetings we each show our artwork from the week. Each person sends in their 3 favorites to be posted here.

Zoom #106