Enjoying shade to sketch in the sunshine

Tugman Park, Eugene, OR

       Sandy, Hugh, & Marsha under the trees; Daisy, Barb So, Tutti, & Laura under the picnic shelter. Jane behind the camera.

      Sandy thought for awhile about what she wanted to sketch, got set up, and sketched Hugh & Marsha exchanging iPad drawing tips!

      Hugh’s discovered apps that correlate with Copic markers – Sketchbook, and Concepts, which he uses in addition to Procreate.

      Marsha likes being able to import a photo, sketch the outline & add layers. But she’s not lost her colored pencil chops either!

      Barb So took on the challenge of the uniquely designed play equipment, then added Tutti for perspective. What a fun sketch!

      Jane brought some washi tape for everyone, and kind of went whacko with it, but got play equipment & little kids in their sun hats.

      Daisy is one of our most prolific sketchers – two sketches of flora, and one of a kid beneath a tree (& you can see Laura behind her).

      You can tell Laura is a plant lover – not just flowers, she also got intrigued with the winged seeds and shrubs. Nicely done.

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