Turning Light into Dark

Jane’s Backyard, Eugene, Oregon

1-allIt all started out in the light – a lovely sunny day in the backyard, with Barb Shirk, Ken, Erik, Heidi, Barb A, Tricia, Patti McNutt, Sandy, Jan, Barb Sommers (& Jane behind the camera, of course).

K-TOOLSThen Ken got out the free tools – what’s that, what’s that, how does that work – oh my gosh! Patti, Tricia, Barb A, & Sandy gather around Ken who’s sharing his bounty.

Ken-begins     Heidi, Barb A, PattiAnd then the sketching began – Ken sketching with a purple ink pen because that’s what he had; Heidi with wax crayons, Barb A with watercolor, and Patti with pastel pencils (like Conté).

Jane    Jane-blossomJan caught our hostess Jane & Qi in a quiet moment; Jane actually did manage to do a quick sketch of the pink strawberry blossom.

dark-Ken-dark_edited-1   K-BarbS0After Ken took a look at his own work, he started circulating, and that ‘s when things started going dark.  Well, darker. Here with Barb Sommers, encouraging her to get darker values.

K-Sandy    K-Heidi

K-Tricia    darker-Tricia-darkerHe gave Tricia the extra tip of working other colors into the darker values to give more integration & life to the sketch – OH! she said.

darker-BarbSh-darker_edited-1    darker-BarbA, PattiBarb Shirk gets darker line definition going, while Barb Aten & Patti add darker values to their sketches.

darker-BarbSo- darker    darker-Jan-darkerBarb Sommers and Jan also added darker values into their work.

darker-Sandy, Erik, Heidi-darker      Erik's BarbShSandy, Erik, and Heidi getting serious – Erik’s sketch of Barb Shirk.

sketch sprawl      darker-Ken-darkerThen it was time for the sketch sprawl – spread out your sketchbook, Ken said, and we did. After we all got a chance to look and make comments (see below), Ken said, this doesn’t mean you’re done. And he grabbed up a damp cloth someone had used with their watercolor and dabbed it on his own sketch, adding darker values around his original sketch. Ken’s ever the teacher, and we appreciate it!


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