Masked Sketchers Search for Shelter

Morse Family Farm, & Tugman Park, Eugene, OR

Finding shelter from the elements is getting more difficult with competing groups. We started here: Bitty, Laura, Sandy, Barb Sh, Peggy, Marsha. Jane behind camera, Jim yet to arrive. 1 hour here.

      Barb Sh, Bitty sketching outside, Jane taking pics in the wind.

         Marsha, Jim, & Peggy took advantage of the shelter – nice option.

   Sandy & Laura sketched outside until the rain brought them in.

   Barb Sh started sketching with her non-dominant hand to assure a loose approach. Come back next week for the water application!

   Speaking of water, Bitty prefers to do direct watercolor sketching. She’s been gone, and said it was great to get back into sketching.

      Jane took on the still smoldering fireplace with all its odd angles.

      Marsha sketched it from a slightly different angle, &  colored pencil.

     Jim started with the view from the shelter, then from a travel mag.

      Peggy had space on a previous page, so incorporated this view, too.

   Laura was looking into the woods, started watercolor & rain started.

      Sandy was looking across the street, & finished her sketch at home.

Then the rain came, & the next group, so some of us went to Tugman.

        Jim finished his sketch, & Peggy sketched another tree – evergreen!

               Laura finish watercoloring the Morse sketch, & started a new tree.

        A kid in a frog rain suit caught Jane’s eye, & moms & kids under tree.