Last Outdoor Sketching for Awhile

Oakway Center Courtyard, Eugene, OR

Starting Nov. 18, Oregon is going on Covid lockdown, so we won’t be trying to meet outside until things calm down. We’ll miss us!

Nearly all of us: Hugh, Bitty, Marsha, Laura, Barb Sh, Peggy, Jim.

           Jane (with pork tacos from Johnny Ocean), Barb Sh, & Bitty.

      Daisy on her feet moving around, Jim, Laura.

      Marsha sketching on her iPad, Peggy, & Sandy.

     Hugh checking to see where Sandy is, and his two page spread. Wow

      Barb’s tree from last week – great bark texture! And this week’s tree, surrounded by her journaling about the day (must print out to read!)

      Bitty remarked how much she was enjoying sketching in the 3 color sketchbook we got for a workshop that didn’t happen due to Covid.

      Daisy’s getting fast on her feet! She was layering colored pencil to get the right shade of green. Great sketch with wine colored ink!

      Jane’s pretty fast on her feet, too, taking photos & still squeezing in time to do some sketches of the decor around the courtyard.

      Jim got color on his sketch from last week, started a new one of cars, but then back to the former sketch – must go darker!

       Like many of us today, Laura’s eye caught on the decorated lamps – but hers were front and center! Nice addition of the oak leaf, too.

   Marsha is getting quite adept at using her iPad for sketching (here she caught Daisy sketching in the courtyard).

         After succumbing to the lure of the decorated lamp, Marsha was back to sketching people – first the outline, then the color.

        Peggy did a detailed ink drawing of the tree, then a loose application of watercolor. What next to draw? Well, the decorated lamp!

      Sandy’s default is to draw people – no noses in these masked sketchers to deal with!  Marsha, Peggy, Barb Sh, & Jane.