Friendly Encounters

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

allThe prediction (which was wrong) was for rain, so we headed to a warm shelter in the Friendly St. Market – Penelope, Barb Shirk, Erik, Sandy, Barb A (& Jane behind the camera).

BarbSh-dark     Pen, BarbSh-1Barb Shirk showed us her finished “dark” sketch from last week, then she and Penelope got down to new sketching business.

Penelope-SandyPenelope & Sandy had a laugh about the idea of “are you drawing me while I’m drawing you?”

Pen-2    Sandy-Erik And sure enough, Penelope was drawing Sandy (& Erik, & a scone), but Sandy was sketching people at the table beyond us.

BarbSh-1     BarbSh-2Meanwhile, Barb Shirk captured the sweet moment she observed.

BarbA-1   BarbA-2Barb Aten liberated a model because of it’s interesting label.

Erik-1   Erik-2 Erik-3Erik quickly brought an old memory into a lovely colored sketch.

Jane-1    Jane-2And Jane spent the whole time exploring the effect of using different pens (& discovering back home that, yes,  paper matters!)

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