#11 TD Zoom – don’t let the water get you down

   Here we are again – Marsha, Jane, Barb So, Sandy, Bitty, Danita, Laura, Hugh, Rita, Bev, & Daisy. Laura starts with water soluble ink!

  Hugh’s exploring water soluble ink, too, but in between he revisited a place he & Sandy visited in Europe – lovely work either way!

      Sandy got blue water soluble ink with the fountain pen she bought, and she can hardly wait to use it up! Great gestural studies.

      Marsha wanted to see what watercolor on top of water soluble ink would do, then back to her class work, getting more dramatic now!

     It’s hard to know what Bitty will use next – crayon, watercolor, ink…
whatever, she’s having fun exploring and we are in seeing her work!

     Jane is taking a design class – first “closed” compositions, which have defined containment, no overlapping. Oh boy. This is a struggle.

          Daisy’s taking the class, too, at her own pace, several things on the page, 2 page spread, adding receipts as a collage related to it. NICE!

   Danita showed us how she builds the 4 page spread in a folding sketchbook – first b&W, then watercolor & gel pen highlights. Wow.

      Rita has a bounty of fruit in So. CA, so she tried her hand at the interesting bowl where she’d put some oranges – hmm, maybe if…

   It was raining in Brookings, so Bev resorted to sketching…clothing hanging in her closet! What a great idea! Interesting clothes, too.

       Barb So. finished her sketch of Amanda Gorman from tv, then included the rain with the bird outside, and her sweet puppies!