#22 TD Zoom – so much going on! And we’re going with it.

Marsha, Jane, Danita, Bitty, Daisy, Barb So., Bev, Laura, Hugh.

      Barb So. has such a light joyous approach to her sketches this spring.

   Bev always has a way to make simple things from home be special.

        From closeups to landscapes sketched during a zoom presentation, Bitty is having a wonderful time sketching.

      Daisy did another recipe sketch for a novel, a 2 page spread to celebrate the expedition to Mars, and the traditional field kit sketch.

  Danita’s on a horticulture exploration, and we sure enjoy it!

      Hugh’s artist eye serves him well in sketches from near and far.

   Jane can always be diverted by flowers, but coffee & a Danish-yes!

Marsha’s been preoccupied with installing a new computer, but her tulips still snared her for yet another lovely loose sketch.

      Sandy’s been too busy to get to our Zoom meeting, but not to sketch.

     Rita & husband are off on an exploration, which she’s busy recording.