#30- TD Zoom Meeting

In a rare moment of seriousness: Marsha, Jane, Laura, BarbSo, Peggy, Rita, Daisy, Hugh, Sandy. Must have been talking about our upcoming book of sketches: Top Drawers Sketching During Covid.

        Marsha’s into b&w – TUL ink on the flowers with water brush, then back to the tried and true graphite pencil – lovely gestural studies.

       Jane was entranced with the bug, until it moved! then the latest gratitude sketches (the later not being a vine maple after all).

    Laura started a sketch in the rose garden, got home and thought “what’s missing in that blank space….roses!” And ta dah!

      Things are blooming in Barb So’s world – even her dogs are in awe!

Peggy finished the sketch she started while many of us were in the Owen Rose Garden – her rose topped them all, however.

Daisy went all out on roses. Then she discovered her kitchen tiles were just the right dimension to measure her folding sketchbook, complete with a collection of…brooms! 


Rita’s “Art Buddies.” You can tell a lot from such simple lines. Great!

         Hugh didn’t lose his hands-on chops with water soluble crayon, even though he keeps getting better & better with digital sketching.

       Sandy keeps herself flexible, doing quick people sketches, and more detailed bird sketches – lovely all in their own way.

   And look who sneaked in the website door – Bev! Delightful 2 page spreads of her experience  down in Brookings, Oregon. Nice visit!

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