Sketch-shopping at the Market

Farmers Market, Eugene, OR

Rita-FarmMarkNow here’s a sketch (by Rita) you might expect of the local scene!

Rita-Sandy-1    Rita-JapanRita Cavin was just back from her Asian cruise, and thought our mentor, Ken O’Connell, would particularly like her Kyoto trees. We sure like them!

Sandy-BarbSo   BarbSo-RoseGardenSandy was interested in what Barb Sommers had done in her sketchbook since we last met. Roses from the Rose Garden!

Jane-truck     Sandy-truckThe farm goods truck caught the eyes of Jane & Sandy, both of whom swore off trying to sketch trucks ever again. It was sort of fun.

Sharon     Sharon-FarmMarkSharon Heinz, who attended Ken’s sketch class at Emerald Art Center last week, joined us.  A watercolor painter, she said her goal was to loosen up – looks like she accomplished her goal! We were happy to have her with us.

2 thoughts on “Sketch-shopping at the Market”

  1. I am enjoying the blog posts since I have not been able to attend the recent Tuesday gatherings. It keeps me updated with all the good times. I really thought I would be able to come next Tuesday, the 16th of June but NOOOO, having my house appraised, and of course he can only come on Tuesday at 9am.

    1. We always enjoy having you with us when you can manage that, Jan. You bring a perspective and technique that adds value to the group!

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