Relishing Time in the Rose Garden

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

At last, a warm sunny day on a Tuesday! We were beginning to think we were hexed on our scheduled sketch day.

Jan & ErikJane & Erik happily enjoyed sketching there, Jan shaded, Erik in sun.

BarbSo's truck      BarbSo sketching    It’s a bit difficult to see in the shade, but Barb Sommers brought her sketch of the truck from the Farmers Market, then on to sketching.

Jan's river    Jan's new styleJan showed her abstracted sketch of a creek bottom – too weird? How about this one of Kokopeli?  NO, we all agreed – very cool!

Tricia sketching  Tricia startTricia found a place in the shade, and decided to work on contrast.

Erik starts    Erik - color   Erik got those preliminary arches down just right, and the foliage began to grow (until hunger pangs took him away for lunch!)

Jan - developing    Jan - done  Jan’s style blends expressionism with just enough representation – so charming and full of life.

BarbSo - color    BarbSo - doneBarb Sommers made a sweet sketch of the wild geranium, and beside it the tiny blossoms of feverfew – so light and delightful.

Tricia - developing   Tricia - doneAnd here’s how Tricia’s study in contrasts evolved – some leaves were in the direct sun, some in deeper shade. Well done!

Jane-Owen Rose Garden

Jane was busy taking photos, and doing little design vignettes from  the plants in bloom all around them. What a lovely special day!