Dappled Sun Sketching

Barry’s, Eugene, OR

2-Pen-1   3-Pen-2Hanna Yoshimura is back with us from Japan, and Penelope got a kick out of showing her the bird & map she drew from her trip to HI.

1-BarbSh-SharonMeanwhile, Sharon Heinz & Barb Shirk have a chat about tools.

Hanna-1   Hanna-2Hanna got right into the swing of things, sketching her breakfast treat, and then adding on to her sketch journal page.

Pen-3    Pen-4Penelope followed suite, adding today’s treat to one from last week.

BarbSh-1    BarbSh-2    BarbSh-3Barbara had us baffled, but slowly her mother’s fountain emerged.

Sharon-1   Sharon-2   Sharon-3Sharon was working on sketches from her weekend trip to the coast, where Hanna will be next week for the annual Sandgren paint out.

Erik-1    Erik-2   Erik-3Erik was busy layering his colors – zow! It’s Barbara!

all-Hanna,Jane     Hanna-wallSo here’s how the table was laid out in the courtyard, missing… Hanna sitting on the wall’s edge to add more to her sketch, and…
Jane-Erik    Jane-2Jane, chuckling with Erik, while she adds strange designs and applies an even stranger sticker she liberated from the side of the building.

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