Coolin’ It at Cortesia

Cortesia Sanctuary, in the woods outside Eugene, Oregon

1-CortesiaWelcome to Tricia Clark-McDowell’s world – Cortesia. We were all so pleased to be here in the cool green forest.

Share-BarbNS       share-Pene-1Barbara Stevens-Newcomb started the sharing with a colored pencil sketch she’d done in a class, and Penelope showed us leaf rubbings she’d done on tissue paper then glued to her sketchbook.

share-Pene-2   share-TriciaShe also shared a scene from her garden with Sharon Heinz, Barb Aten, and Tricia; then she looked more closely at Tricia’s sketchbook.

Tricia-1    Tricia-2Tricia and Sharon got busy sketching – here’s Tricia’s final sketch.

Sharon-1      Sharon-2Sharon was fascinated with the colorful coleus – she liked her outline sketch but what to do to capture the vivid colors? She got lots of suggestions from the group about how to add intensity & values.

BarbA-1      BarbA-2Barb Aten listens intently to Satoko’s comments, then gets her watercolors out to try her hand at the coleus leaf, too.

Satoko-1     Satoko-2Satoko scolded Jane – “You moved!” But despite the models refusing to hold still, she finished her sketch of three artists at the table.

Jane-1      Jane-2And Jane really was sketching, too – here’s her page about Cortesia.

Pene-1   Pene-2   Pene-3Penelope started with Tricia (across the table from her) and quickly added more people from around the table to her sketchbook.

Sandy-1   Sandy-2   Sandy-3Sandy had the perfect challenge – a blank sketchbook page! So she started by doing the replication challenge, and then to taking a photo of Tricia’s monk statue which may be replicated in clay soon!


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