Zoom #79

We didn’t meet in person on Tuesday because of the January 6 Hearings being held in our time slot (how rude!). The assignment was to watch the hearing on TV and draw the faces. As nothing in this group is obligatory, a variety of images were created for the Friday Zoom session. Danita is beginning to share her work from their trip to the Southwest. Rita and Bitty, though they didn’t show up for Zoom have been sharing their travel sketches on the TD Roundtable on FaceBook.

Rita: from her European travels
Bitty: Image from Iceland

One thought on “Zoom #79”

  1. After seeing all your wonderful sketches and looking up the definition of sketching, have come to the realization that I’m not a sketcher (but I would love to be able do that). Thank goodness the group name includes drawers! I appreciate being invited and look forward to learning a new skill.

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