A whole lot of sketching going on.

New Day Bakery, Eugene, OR

We got so involved looking at each other’s sketchbooks the editor forgot to take pictures for awhile! So you’re missing Barb Stevens-Newcomb’s Rogue River sketchbook (done with hints from the OAS class from Penelope Youngfeather), and Jane’s & Tricia’s Italy sketchbooks. Sorry. And then Barb S-N had to leave early, too.

1-allHere’s the stalwart crowd: Erik, Jan, Tricia, Penelope, & Jane behind the camera.

Jan-1    Jan-2Jan said she was in an Italy mood, and tried to apply that notion to her sketch of the nearby geraniums – love the red frame!

Erik-1      Erik-2Erik started with a simple contour line, then borrowed an black brush pen to add a dramatic negative space to his sketch – wow!

P-1     P-2     P-3First Penelope got out her water brush, but then quickly began sketching the people at the table – even got color on them.

Jane-1     Jane-2Meanwhile, Jane messed about with a sketch in her Italy sketches.

T-1   T-2 And so did Tricia!T-3Just can’t leave those olives alone!

Sandy's headAnd this just in by text from Sandy, who’s taking a sculpting class at LCC – this is her first class! Stay tuned for more.

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