Seriously Twisted

Outside Market of Choice, 29th & Willamette, Eugene, OR

It was a lovely fall day to gather on the patio under the trees, but several things twisted our minds…

BarbSh - 1    BarbA - SicilyTo begin with, Barb Shirk showed a recent “blue” ink sketch where the ink turned purple, and Barb Aten surprised us with windmill sketches from her recent travel to Sicily. (They have windmills ?!)

Cubes    Jan - Trish, gourdsThen Barb Shirk had us turning over and around with her cubed art (more on that later – stay tuned!), and Tricia brought out twisted gourds from her garden that had her & Jan immediately sketching!

Ardas - Jane    Ardas-treeWhile Jane couldn’t resist the gourds, Ardas Calhoun (new to the group from the last trip to LaRomita in Italy) had already started sketching a tree, using little pencils purchased at Tarquinia, Italy.

BarbA - Pene   Pene-SicilyWhile Barb A sketched the gourds, Penelope perused Barb’s sketchbook from Sicily, then started sketching a map of Sicily which we all agreed was an omen that she would certainly go there, too!