Barnes & Noble and Zoom #110

This week the Top Drawers went to Barnes & Noble again. A good winter hangout, it works well: enough tables, coffee, pastries and a wealth of interesting things in the store.

Zoom #110

Getting together to share the week’s sketches is important to us. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes less. We have members who live at the Oregon coast, in Idaho, and in California, as well as the Eugene-Springfield area. This week Tricia and BarbSo sent in sketches even though they could not join us on Zoom.

One thought on “Barnes & Noble and Zoom #110”

  1. Although I’ve only attended your group once, I love receiving the emails and reports from this group. I feel inspired by the wonderful drawings, sketches, and paintings that each of you post.
    Thank you for keeping me on your list.

    Sharon Braaten

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