Figuring it out

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

1 - Jan's block     2 - BarbSh,JanJan brought her completed folding block creation, much to our delight. Barb Shirk and Jan enjoy each other’s constructions.

3 - Ken et alHere, give me that thing! Ken & Erik join in on the hinged block fun.

4 - designNow that we’ve been successful in hinging the blocks together so that they will fold open into new patterns, Barb Shirk, Barb Aten, Erik, & Jan start contemplating designs to go on them.

7 - BarbA      8 - ErikBarb Aten refers to a Zentangle book for inspiration, while Erik begins a Greek key pattern on his blocks.

5 - Barbs      6 - BarbsBarb Sommers brought some sample sketches to ask our resident expert how she might use them on her folding blocks. Let’s see….

9 - Jane    revised rocks-salal Meanwhile, Jane was trying to figure out how to get her stacked rocks to look like they were sitting on the salal leaves, referring back at a previous sketch and photos of the rocks and the leaves. Ta dah!