Cubes & pattern designs prevail

Cafe Yumm, 18th St., Eugene, OR

IMG_8519    IMG_8520 Jan showed up at our meeting with two new folding cube creations – cows and aliens! She’s really on a roll with these clever details!

IMG_8522Barbara Shirk smiles her thanks at the gift the group gave her for all her work in helping us learn how to do folding cubes.

IMG_8524       IMG_8525Penelope & Barb Sh. get right down to sketching, while Barb A. and Jan discuss art opportunities in the area (Club Mud Ceramics Holiday Sale Nov. 21-Dec 18 at Maude Kerns, for one!).

IMG_8530Penelope is still looking for designs & patterns (thanks to the online course from Jane LaFazio) – she sees them everywhere!

IMG_8527Jane defies herself in being able to sketch some ideas from her memory of items from her kitchen…perhaps they’ll show up in her “grid” assignment from Jane LaFazio’s class.

IMG_8528 IMG_8529Barb Shirk not only sees patterns, she also pays attention to negative space.

IMG_8531Meanwhile, Jan is busy sticking new labels on wooden cubes to get ready for her next folding cube design. Told you she was hooked.