Yummy Explorations

Cafe Yumm, 18th St., Eugene, OR

groups-1Here are some of the usual suspects: Erik, Penelope, Sandy, “Barbwires” So & Sh, along with Jane’s sketchable poinsettia.

BarbSh-1      BarbSh-2Barb Shirk brought us up to date on the “snowflake” sketch she started last time at 5th St., & another sketch page of emergence.

BarbSo-1   BarbSo-2   BarbSo-3_edited-1Barb Sommers shared her “unfinished” orchid, a complicated wire sketch, and started in on the little poinsettia.

Jane-1        Jane-2Jane used her water soluble Pentel Stylo pen, and added QoR watercolors. Then she compared her little Altoids Smalls palettes of QoR & Daniel Smith watercolors…hmmm…..

Sandy-1    Sandy-2It was great to have Sandy back with us, making the transition from sculpture to sketching with ease! See her sculptures on the “Arting About” menu tab above.

Helga -1     Helga-2New to our group, but not new to hanging around with artists, is Helga Wood – welcome! Here she’s sketching what’s in front of her.

Erik-1      Erik-2Meanwhile, Erik is off on an entirely new bent, inspired by one of his favorite artists – Lori Ellison. Keep an eye on this development!

BarbSh-3     BarbSh-4_edited-1Oh, and Barb Sh’s sketchbook continues to evolve – here’s the poinsettia added to a sketch of her mom & puppy, and now she’s busy adding color. Tiring? But ever fascinating

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