Sharing sketching here and there

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

IMG_8669     IMG_8670Nothing like sharing an exciting trip – here Joby shares information about the trip she & her husband just went on to Oaxaca, Mexico, while Barb Sh., Jan, & Sandy look on with interest…maybe we might want to go there, too!

IMG_8672    IMG_8679Among the treasures she brought back were handmade books, with handmade papers and block prints – Sandy & Ken were particularly interested.

IMG_8676    IMG_8677Of course there was a slide show, too, featuring landscape as well as charming designs. We were quite enchanted by her presentation.

IMG_8673   IMG_8674   IMG_8675But best of all were Joby’s sketches done while she was there.

IMG_8686      branch_20151210_0001When Joby was done, Barb Shirk had the opportunity to share her latest sketchbook page with Ken. And here’s the sketch Jane did today with artifacts gathered from the 5th St. Market stairs!

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