Containing Our Enthusiasm

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

AllHere we are – Sandy, Ken, Satoko, Erik, Penelope, Barb So, Tricia, Barb A, & Jane (behind the camera) trying to contain our enthusiasm for sketching what catches our eyes and memories.

BarbSo-1  Erik-2  Tricia-1Barb Sommers , Erik Johnson, & Tricia Clark-McDowell have sketches simply contained by space available.

Ken-1    Ken-2Ken starts sketching Erik, then frames the sketch (note his use of a fabulous 1.3 pencil, a gift from his granddaughter, Fiona). His choice may have been influenced by Sara Midda –

Satoko-1     Satoko-2     Satoko-4Satoko sketches the woman in the booth beyond Tricia & Ken, then only colors part of the sketch; she adds a small box of color to another sketch, and Jane tells her to check out Mary Lou Goertzen:

Jane-daily fascinationsJane says she’s been missing doing daily sketches, and plays with a possible sketch layout (but not monochrome sketches) for 2016, influenced by an Urban Sketcher from Russia, Ruslan Gonchar:

Pen-1books      Pen-4Ken_edited-1Then Penelope breaks out her examples of hand made little books, full of tiny sketches and enticing quotes, which gets Barb A & Sandy & Ken busy writing them down. It’s hard to keep enthusiasm contained in our group!

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  1. I so love what you guys are doing. Oh how I wish that I lived there so that I could join you!

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