Busy Goings-On at the Market

Market of Choice, 29th & Willamette, Eugene, OR

all-1    All-2We were already busily at it when Ken showed up, but the activity always ratchets up when he’s there – taking photos of Barb Shirk’s work for his album of sketch samples, Jan looking on & cracking a joke, Hugh totally immersed in his return to sketching (a break from work), and Barb Sommers sharing her latest work.

1-BarbSh   2-Jan tryBarb Shirk showed how she resolved her last page, and Jan was interested in trying out the metallic crayons (Hugh, undisturbed).

3-Jan-BarbSh      4-Jan     5-BarbSoBarb Shirk starts playing with them and Jan quickly segues into using gel pen accents, while Barb Sommers sketches the crayons!

bird-BarbSo   bird-Jane-1   bird-Jane-2Barb So also shared her sketch from Penelope’s, and Jane added watercolor to her version from another angle.

Pene-1   Pene-2Penelope continued her sketches taken from photos at the Jazz Station, which made us curious to go sketching there, too.

Jan-1      Jan-2Meanwhile, Jan had moved on to a sketch using Crayon d’Arche (& we were all missing Erik who uses them, too, but he was  home sick).

BarbSh-1   BarbSh-2-BA   BarbSh-3What was Barb Sh sketching? Barb A looks on aghast at the photo of the spider Barb Sh found outside her house – terrific sketch begins.

Hugh-1      Hugh-2Meanwhile, Hugh (remember Hugh?) continues on his sketch from his iPad photo album, moving into adding color.

Hugh-3   Hugh-4 Jane1  Jane-2In sharing some of his other work, he responds to Jane’s comments about liking the dark outline, by adding it to his current work. But what is Jane sketching? A ROOFTOP? Anything is game for her.

Ken-1        Ken-2And Ken, not being one to sit around, was up looking for a sketch subject – and looking down the aisles at the grocery store – aha!

Ken-3    Ken-4Back at the table, everyone is interested to see what he’s undertaken. Here’s his sketch to date (but he’s never done til he’s done, so keep checking back!).