What You Lookin’ At!

Coffee Plant Roasters, Eugene, OR

all     all-viewEveryone got right down to sketching, but what were they seeing?

Ken-1     Ken-2Here’s  Ken’s from this viewpoint last April, and what he saw today.

Erik-1      Erik-2Erik chose a tastier view – Barb Sh helped find the color for shadow:Erik-3

BarbSh-1        BarbSh-2And where did Barb Sh find those chairs to fill in her existing page?

Jane-1     Jane-2wall clockJane was mesmerized by the old time clock on the wall.

Pene-1      Pene-2Penelope, intending to save half her biscotti for sketching, forgets her intention when she gets immersed in reading Ken’s Saab comic.

Pene-3    Pene-4But she takes Ken’s advice on how to do a biscotti save.

Pene-4-Hugh         HughWhen she adds her half consumed biscotti, Hugh says she should add the crumbs, too! And here’s Hugh doing the window view.

Tricia-1      Tricia-2Tricia says, “What shall I draw?” then finds the grinder & lamp behind Penelope & Hugh, and moves on to the Roaster sign:Tricia-4      Tricia-3

BarbSh-3    BarbSh-4And meanwhile, Barb Sh has been working on a negative space challenge – here’s how she resolved it.