Sketch First, Devour Later

Perugino’s, Eugene, OR

Hugh-1     Hugh-2     Hugh-3Hugh gloats about his treat, then does contrition by sketching ALMOST before he eats it! Can you tell he’s an engineer?

BarbSo-1      BarbSo-2Barbara Sommers shows her sketches of tiny things on her window sill at home, then gets down to sketching her latte in front of her.

BarbSh-1     BarbSh-2Barbara Shirk avoids the goodies by sketching what’s in front of her.

Jane-1     Jane's-finalJane has been busy sketching vignettes about the place, including Ken talking to Roger Saydack across the room. She replaces her soluble ink cartridge, makes a mess, and here’s the resolution.

Ken-1    Ken-2    Ken-3When Ken joins us the commentary begins – Barb Sh on adding the bird to her page, Ken on how he did the MOC sketch, & Penelope sends Ken checking to see if she’s captured him & his sketchbook.

KenO-1     KenO-2Ken has to follow his own edict – sketch first! Then he borrows some “palette mud” from Tricia to finish his sketch.KenO-3    KenO-4

Tricia-1       Tricia-2Meanwhile, Tricia has been sketching Ken & the breads behind him. (See her notes on latecomer sketching protocol- it works!)

P-1    P-2   P's finalFinally, Penelope capitulates and starts sketching, too.