One Thing Leads to Another

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

Erik-1    Jane-1   BarbSh-1It started out simply enough – Erik asked Jane if he could sketch her, Jane sketched the power muffin & beverages in front of her, Barb Sh came in with her sketch of her hand from last week.

Ken-2    Ken-bookThen Ken O’Connell came in with a book a friend had published of her work, which captivated us: Barbara Stevens-Newcomb, Penelope Youngfeather, Erik Johnson, Barbara Shirk, Jane Harrison.

BarbSN-1    BarbSN-2   BarbSN-3Barb S-N was intrigued by the weight scale across the room, which magically sprouted leaves and then the escape was on.

P-1    Tricia-1Penelope & Tricia started sketching the various beverage containers.

Erik-2      Erik-3Erik was nearly finished with his sketch of Jane when a woman in a magnificent cape and long boots came into the store.

BarbSh-2   BarbSh-3   BarbSh-4Barb Sh inked in leaves penciled in from a visit to the doctor, then added the guy at the next table. Fresh colors bring it alive.

Jane-2    Jane-3    ink-BarbShJane’s sketch grew from the simple outline to color, to more objects, to her muffin in soluble ink. Which prompted Barb Sh to share her soluble ink sketch – very old Schaeffer blue ink turned purple!

P-2   P-3Meanwhile, Penelope added color as well as people at the table.

Tricia-2     Tricia-3And Tricia did the same (but differently!).