Never At A Loss for Something to Sketch

Allan Bros. Beanery, 5th St, Eugene, OR

1-H       2-HIt was such a pleasure to have Heidi join us today – what has she been doing? Oh just a little bit of this and that – wow!

3-muffinThen we got down to sketching – Erik doing Sandy’s cup, Heidi sketching Jane’s incredible multi-nut muffin.

4-Sandy     5-Heidi     6-JaneSandy took on the muffin challenge, too, while Heidi’s sketch is developing. Here’s Jane’s sketch done in brown Copic multi-liner.

7-Ecup     8-S&BSoErik’s version of the cup included drools down the side. Then Sandy started in on the mug while Barb So looked on.

9-S-cup       10-H-cupFirst Sandy’s muffin & mug, then Heidi couldn’t resist the cup, either.

11-BarbSo   11-BS-N,Ken   12-BAWhile Barb So was busy sketching people’s heads, Barb S-N showed Ken photos of her paintings at Springfield City Council, and then Barb A showed up for an artistic presentation – look at those boots!

J-1    j-2Lane Co. Jail    kMeanwhile, across the street is the Lane County Jail – Jane took a simple linear approach, while Ken laid in rich colored pencil strokes.