No Wincing at Sketching the Quince!

Barry’s Southtowne, Eugene, OR

AllWe couldn’t resist coming back here (for the THIRD time in a row!): Erik, Judy Carter, the Barbs (Barb S-N, Barb So, Barb Sh), Ken, Jan.

Judy-1            Judy-2Barb S-N welcomes Judy Carter to our gathering, encouraging her to sketch the quince blossom Jane brought, but Judy already had something in mind – a colorful interpretation of a photo she had.

Barb N_S-1          Barb N-S-2So Barb S-N painted her own vision of the quince blossoms.

Barbs-1        Barbs-2Barbs So and Sh were catching up on their previous sketches, and discovered their cyclamen sketches done at a previously meeting.

E-1     E-2Erik got in a quick sketch of the quince before doing his signature color treatment with Crayon d’Arche tools. Always so rich.

Jane-1      Jane-2Jane tested how the Derwent Graphitint pencils blend (see patches at top of page, colors over Meadow) before doing her quince sketch.

Ken & Jan      Ken-2Ken and Jan are seen intently sketching – Ken’s secret to success: he borrows Jan’s tools (which she just now discovered!)

Jan-1     Jan-2Jan says she just sketches with whatever she has on hand – wow!

BarbSo-1         BarbSo-2Barb So is sketching a different quince, using her travel palette.

BarbSH    SandyBarb Sh adds to her page from last week, and Sandy sneaks in for a quick preliminary sketch before going off to sculpture class.

BArbA    PenSHAREBarb A stopped by before her stint at New Zone Gallery.  Penelope shows us her latest Jane LaFazio project page (fabulous!).

P-1            P-2Penelope brought her own model – blossoms from her apple tree.

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