Flowers at Friendly!

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

Jane-1      Jane-2Jane was thrilled to see the cyclamen on the tables outside Friendly St. Market – here she is along with her sketches.

Ken-1     Ken-2     Ken-3As usual, Ken uses whatever tools he has stuck in his pocket – lookin’ pretty good there, but what else….not done ’til you’re done!

Sandy-1     Sandy-2Sandy has to make her time count because she goes to a ceramics class soon, and what a lovely count!

Tricia-1      Tricia-2Tricia tries sketching the cyclamen, too, trying  different styles to compare the effect. See below – charming, all of them!


Ken-flower pic     Ken-flowerAll this talk of flowers reminds Ken of the photo he took at the Oregon coast not long ago – anyone know what it is???

BarbSh-1On a whole ‘nother note, Barb Sh showed us her completed page featuring the guy with nose & ear hair, along with DC gargoyles!

BarbSh-2       BarbSh-3Barb Sh started sketching a guy sitting near with his guitar,  but the model left (!), so she reverted back to sketching from photos.

Pen-1   Pen-2   Pen-3Meanwhile, Penelope is getting ready to go on a trip and is starting a new sketchbook for the occasion, beginning with a map of Oregon.

Erik-1     Erik-2     Erik-3Erik sketches to his own tune, but trying to do a portrait from a photo was frustrating to him – he said he thought he did pretty well in drawing the stuffed squid. (I’ve got to see the final version!)

Phyllis-1Phyllis Helland was walking by, and some of the TDs knew her & that she always carried a sketchbook, so they urged her to join us.

Phyllis-2       Phyllis-3Phyllis immediately got in the swing of the unspoken tradition, and started sketching…Erik and his signature hat!  Welcome, Phyllis. We hope you’ll come back to sketch with us!

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