Umbrellas, chairs, and sky – oh my!

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

Erik-BarbSNErik and Barb S-N hard at work. Barb is paying attention to the negative space around a person’s head. Erik to earth and sky:


BarbSh-1       BarbSh-2Barb Sh is finishing a sketch from last week, putting in color – I asked about the color on the chair: “Shiraz!” she replied. We like it.

Jane-1     Jane-2    Jane-5th St finalJane’s looking out the window – what to draw, what to draw…

Sat-1-TriciaSatoko and Tricia barely interrupt sketching to talk plans for Europe.

Sat-2        Sat-finalSatoko has already sketched the view across the room, then quickly adds a sketch of the red umbrellas outside on the patio.

Tricia-2             Tricia-finalTricia’s gazing out the window, too – umbrellas! Ta dah!

BarbA-1Barb A shows up,  just home from painting in Venice and full of stories, but what can she draw in 10 minutes, she says…

BarbA-2      BarbA-3Oh! A chair! Of course! (and doesn’t she look pleased with herself!)