Sprouting in Springfield

100 Mile Bakery @ Sprout, Springfield, OR

Erik-JaneJane and Erik got there first, and immediately (after Erik’s berry pie) started sketching – Jane the flowers, Erik the sign & street vista.

Jane-flowers @ Sprout      Jane-Yellow Iceland PoppiesHere are Jane’s sketches – too much coffee influenced the first, but she finally calmed down for the poppies. Whew.

Erik-2     Erik-3     Erik-4Erik said he came to get inspired, and he got it! Or did he… Yep.

BarbSh, Sandy, TriciaSandy, Tricia, and Barb Sh interrupt their sketching for a chuckle.

BarbSh-1      BarbSh-2Here’s what Barb Sh was working on – so interesting to see how the initial sketch continues to evolve, now with the Iceland Poppies, too.

Sandy-1    Sandy-2Sandy’s fears that she’s lost her sketching chops were for naught.

Barbs & Tricia     BarbA
By the time Barb A joined us, people were seriously into sketching, and Barb wasted no time in getting her watercolor flowing.

Tricia-1        Tricia-2Here’s how Tricia’s sketch developed from a simple black & white outline to – ah, color! Yes! There’s more to this story – check back!