Sharing Tips at Hideaway

Hideaway Bakery, Eugene, OR

PanoramaPatti McNutt is behind the camera doing a panoramic shot!  In addition, present were Jane, Erik, Ann Tiegen, Sandy, & Barb Sh.

Erik, Ann-1     Erik, Ann-2Erik and Ann discover they both like to use artist’s crayons, and here they’re comparing water soluble and oil base versions.

Sandy, Barb, Patti          Patti's gouacheAcross the table, Sandy, Barb Sh, and Patti talk about Patti’s recent trip to Italy, where she happily used gouache (Talens brand) paint. She says that by using the Sta-Wet palette the paint never dried out!

Erik's sketch     Sandy's sketchHere’s Erik’s sketch of Patti, and Sandy sketching Erik!

Patti-1     Patti-2Patti started sketching a planter at Hideaway, then added context.

BarbSh-1     BarbSh-2The bakery is a dog friendly place, so Barb Sh took advantage of the available models! Lovely completed sketches in a short time.

Jane-1         Jane-2Jane brought a model from home to sketch – here’s how the sketch evolved from pencil to pen to watercolor. Such a nice time by all.