Sketching at Hideaway in the Sun

Hideaway Bakery, Eugene, OR

all-panoA chance to sit in the sun brought a lot of us out to our gathering at the Hideaway Bakery Tuesday moring: Barb So, Erik, Jan, Sandy, Penelope, Barb Sh, and Ken’s old friend Mike stopped by, too.

Ken-1    Ken-2Ken got there early, as did Erik, hence the requisite sketch of the requisite model. When he showed Jan his self-portrait, he explained that we tend to portray ourselves as younger than we are. We like it.

Ken-3       Ken-4Ken had just done a sketch workshop with some 4th graders at Gilham Elem., and shared the thank you sketches they did for him.

P-kids   P-garden page   P-solsticePenelope also had children’s art in her sketchbook from a recent trip, along with some full page art projects (& solstice sketches!).

Mike-1     Mike-2An old friend of Ken’s, Mike showed up to sketch with us, too.

BarbSo-1   BarbSo-2   BarbSo-3Quietly in a corner, Barb So was sketching in her lap, so surreptitiously that her model didn’t even know. Ta dah!

Trish-1   Trish-2   Trish-3Tricia is often a lap sketcher, too, which helps when you’re on a ferry trying to capture passing scenery! This from a  Whidby Island trip.

Jane-1   Jane-2   Jane-3Jane was busy sketching some of the people across the courtyard, but then her models got up & left! So the brief sketch is all she had.

Jan-1    Jan-2    Jan-3Jan was concentrating on the people across the table from her…first the gal on the left, then our own Sandy in sunglasses!

Sandy-1     Sandy-2And across the table, Sandy was sketching Mike and Jan.  Ha!

BarbSh-1     BarbSh-2     BarbSh-3What will Barb Sh add to her doggie page…ah, a sketch of her father from a remembered photo prior to his leaving for military service. What a nice remembrance to do for Father’s Day.

Erik-1   Erik-2    Erik-3Meanwhile, Erik (remember Erik?) was finishing yet another sketch of the sky and trees – look how he brings depth to the sky! Wow.