A Rose is a Rose Until it Isn’t

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

g-rose-1       gazebo       G-rose-2It certainly started out with roses! Even the gazebo had them.

BarbSh-1    BarbSh-2    BarbSh-3Barb Sh immediately started adding the old fashioned roses to her page with the bird over the stenciled feathers – perfect! Will the rest of the group sketch roses, too???

E-P-1        E-3Penny McAvoy, new to the TDs, sat next to Erik, and got right into it. When Erik revealed his sketches he’d tried water on the background of the flowers (new for him!), and then got into another foggy scene.

P-1     P-2     P-3While Penny is new to our group, she dove right in, sketching that challenging gazebo (ack! those angles!), and a joyous cardoon.

Jane-1      Jane-2     Jane-3Jane sketched the cardoon and tried the gazebo roof angles, too.

BarbSo               Penelope-1  Barb So stopped by to share her sketch of her neighbor’s hydrangeas, and Penelope a sketch of the recent Olympic Trials.

Penelope-2        Penelope-3Then Penelope started sketching… what… ink.. and watercolor washes… keep coming back, it’s going to be last night’s fireworks!

So, roses not so much. But we had a great day sketching together.

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