Who Needs Coffee & Conversation when you can Sketch!

Vero Espresso House, Eugene, OR

all-1    all-2We enjoyed gathering under the umbrellas (although there was neither rain nor sun) to sketch at Vero. From the left: Sandy, Erik, Jan, & Penny. Next photo: Ken, Penelope, Erik. (You can see Jane’s preliminary composite sketch in the middle of the table.)

Jane-1    Jane-2Here’s how Jane’s quick composite sketch evolved. She claims the secret is in not taking anything too seriously! (She also swears she will never purchase another 70 lb. paper sketchbook – too flimsy.)

BarbSo-1     BarbSo-2Barb So came, too – here are her updates on prior sketches – sweet!

BarbSo-3     Penelope-2Then Barb showed her trick for doing straight lines, while Penelope pondered how to get fireworks to show up on her prior sketch.

Ken-1    ErikKen & Erik a long time sketching pals – look at Erik’s rich colors!

Ken-2    Ken-3Ken chose to sketch what was in front of him, of course – Erik, and a strikingly colored petunia.

Sandy-1      Sandy-2Sandy started sketching the guy over Erik’s shoulder, who then put on his hat and left mid-sketch! So she sketched Erik instead. Too.

Penny-1   Penny-2   Penny-3Penelope didn’t waste any sketch time – first a quick pencil guideline, then into watercolor, and on to capturing that elusive bluejay. Yay!

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